Life according to Instagram.

1. All curled up. 
2. 5 Pointz in Astoria- keep the lights on. 
3. I take my letter writing very seriously. 
4. Hallway view. 
5. Second surgery was a success! 
6. My favorite Thai, The Office, and Brian by my side. Not a bad way to start my recovery. 
7. Final touches. 
8. Celebrating the big 4-4. 
9. Sometimes you just need a happy hour on a Tuesday. 
10. Manhattan Bridge views. 
11. At least my walks to the hospital are cute. 
12. Fresh haircut. 
13. & 14. Bowery. 
15. Obey on Prince Street. 
16. Peanut butter and jelly cupcake love. 
17. & 18. An amazing research trip around Brooklyn with my second graders, followed by some fun at the park in DUMBO. 
19. Happy birthday baby! 
20. Busy bees. 
21. Army of three. Green coats unit. 
22. My friend Rebecca's house is my happy place. She even froths the half and half for our coffee. 
23. Game night! 
24. Weekend subway work = no N trains. Subway shuttles are not enjoyable. 
25. Spring in Rockefeller Center. 
26. Even Times Square looks good on those perfect spring days. 
27. This one makes me happy. 
28. All I need is you and new shoes. Can I get an amen? 
29. Sleepy Sunday.
30. Union Square Greenmarket.

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