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Read & Watch:

A special needs teachers comes to the rescue on a flight. 

This Friends-themed shower is so cute!

I can't wait to try KITH's ice cream cereal combinations this summer.

I love this recording of For Good. I was lucky enough to see Wicked with the original cast, and have loved Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth ever since.

I had never heard of hostile architecture before this article, but I have a feeling I am going to notice it all over now.

A secret section of Central Park reopened this April. I can't wait to explore the Hallett Nature Sanctuary!


Teaching, wedding planning, and blogging.

Without a doubt the past several months have been some of the most busy of my life! This school year has been especially challenging and the majority of my time is spent planning and prepping in my classroom with my co-teacher. Then as soon as I get home every night the wedding planning continues! It is amazing how many little (and big) tasks are involved in planning two wedding celebrations in under six months. Unfortunately, my blogging life has seriously suffered with my lack of free time. I miss posting more regularly and am going to work hard to publish more posts soon! Thank you for sticking around during my blogging lull and I hope you enjoy what is to come on my little corner of the interweb!


March according to Instagram.

Somehow it is already May and I am just getting around to my March Instagram post... spring is flying by! If you want to follow along on more adventures my username is Daina_A.


Scenes from the weekend.

The warmer weather has finally arrived! We tried to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend. On Saturday Brian, Emily, and I visited the Bronx Zoo. We spent most of our time watching the gorillas. There were several new baby gorillas, which were so incredibly adorable! On Sunday I met up with my dad for brunch at Freemans. After our delicious meal we walked around the lower east side for a bit before returning to Rivington for ice cream at Morgenstern's. I was pretty upset when I learned that they stopped making my favorite salt and pepper pine nut ice cream, but the Vietnamese coffee flavor made up for it. I have several ice cream shops I want to try this season. New Yorkers, what are your favorite ice cream destinations in the city?


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

13 rare and breathtaking photos of Marilyn Monroe. I want the one of her sitting in a New York City restaurant framed in my apartment!

I am so grateful and proud to work at Community Roots Charter School. It was amazing to read about our work this week in this Huffington Post article.

I am so upset that I forgot to set an alarm to buy Lumineers tickets for their show this summer. I am loving every song on their new album, including this one.

The ultimate grilled cheese guide.

A look at some of New York City's best street art.

Brian and I can't wait to try Bunker Vietnamese in Ridgewood, Queens. It has been on our minds ever since we saw it on the Cooking Channel last week!


Scenes from the weekend.

This weekend was full of wedding errands! On Saturday we got my wedding band, Brian's suit, and all of his accessories for the big day. That evening I met up with an amazing group of women to celebrate our friend Vanessa's birthday at a karaoke bar in Koreatown. We had so much fun!

My dad flew in early Sunday morning from LA for a three-week stay in New York City (yay!). We had a great breakfast at Sanford's before Brian and I drove to Long Island to look for a wedding band for him. That evening I walked though Bryant Park before checking out Lord & Taylor's Friends and Family sale. I am so grateful we had such a productive weekend, but I need another weekend to recover from it! How was yours?


Read & Watch

Read & Watch:

Mysterious stacks of books around NYC are connecting people around the world. I had mixed emotions about this piece after reading all of the comments.

Smiley's story had me feeling all the feelings. What an amazing and loving dog!

This video gives you a glimpse into what sights and sounds feel like to a person with autism.

For a second I thought Brian wrote this about me... apparently this comedian's wife and I are very similar.

Jon and Tracey Stewart are opening a safe haven for abused farm animals.

This post brought me back to my morning spent at Broadway Market in London last summer.
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