Devoción is one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. I was first drawn to the Colombian coffee shop by the space itself. The plant wall, exposed brick, oversized leather couches, and yellow accents are an Instagrammer's dream! Honestly, it is the most welcoming space to settle in with a day's worth of work. But what keeps me going back to Devoción is their delicious coffee. I usually get a French press and Brian loves their pour overs. If you find yourself in Williamsburg I recommend stopping by!


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

Brian and I can't believe we missed the second biggest snowstorm in New York City's history last weekend. We were thankful to make it out of LGA on Friday evening before the Snowpocalypse- we got a lot of wedding planning accomplished in Minnesota!

This Hudson Valley wedding from Danfredo is so gorgeous. I love every single detail!

I can't get enough of this song from Miike Snow.

Ha! Man Repeller tried the J Crew Model Diet.

I am in awe of these Cokato portrait photographer's images from the early 1900's.

Australia's oldest man couldn't say no to knitting sweaters for penguins during an oil spill.


Read & Watch

Read & Watch:

I want an entire living room designed around these beautiful gemlike painted pieces of wood.

Instagram accounts to unfollow in 2016.

I can't stop listening to this song and watching this video. Who would've thought I would become a Bieber fan?!? I also love this video.

I laughed out loud on the subway watching Misty Copeland give Jimmy Kimmel a ballet lesson.

29 songs you totally forgot you used to love in 2003. I admit, I still have several Michelle Branch songs on my commuting playlists.

I am starting my first Project Life scrapbook, documenting our year from the time we got engaged right before the holiday. I can't wait to use this adorable mini-kit! If you have any Project Life tips or tricks please send them my way!


We're getting married!

Sorry for the silence on the blog lately. Last weekend Brian and I sat down to start planning our wedding, and we quickly concluded that the sooner we get married the better! We spent the past week making appointments, booking venues, and making guest lists for our upcoming wedding festivities. I cannot wait to call Brian my husband! Thank you again for all of the congratulations and well wishes on our engagement announcement! Each and every message means to much to us during this incredibly special time.


Read & Watch

Read & Watch:

17 jaw-dropping nighttime photos of New York City taken from a helicopter. Thanks Time Out NY!

40 movies to see in 2016.

I love everything about this Microsoft commercial. If you were born in the mid-eighties, you probably will too!

These images of cats paired with pin-up girls are perfection.

I couldn't stop laughing at these fifteen clips of SNL cast members getting the giggles on air.

Who else is watching the latest season of The Bachelor? It is one of my favorite guilty pleasures! Here are five reasons why you should tune in.


Scenes from the weekend.

Our first weekend together as an engaged couple was perfection. On Saturday we had breakfast at Peter Pan with Emily. We fueled up on pour-over and french-press coffees at Devoción before our family shopping trip to Target. Emily had fun spending some Christmas money and gift cards on new art supplies and I stocked up on cases of La Croix, my latest beverage obsession. On Saturday night Brian and I caught up on Top Chef and on Sunday we had a delicious brunch at Sweet Afton in Astoria. I still catch myself smiling every time I glance down at my engagement ring or say fiancé. I can't wait to marry Brian!


Twelve dates of Christmas: On our twelfth date of Christmas...

... we got engaged! 

Brian secretly planned every detail of our anniversary and it was absolutely perfect! He proposed where we first kissed ten years ago and I of course said YES! We celebrated with champagne and appetizers at The Plaza and an amazing dinner at Keen's. I literally have not stopped smiling since he got down on one knee! 
I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with Brian!


Twelve dates of Christmas: On our tenth and eleventh dates of Christmas...

... we listened to music in two of New York City's most beautiful, historic churches! 

On our tenth date of Christmas we attended the 36th annual City Singing at Christmas at St. Patrick's Cathedral. St. Patrick's is one of the most beautiful places in the city and we loved listening to the choirs sing our favorite Christmas songs. At the end of the concert the lights were dimmed, candles were lit, and we sang Silent Night as the choirs exited the church. It was amazing! 

Our eleventh date of Christmas took us uptown to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on 112th and Amsterdam. I had never been to the cathedral before and was in awe of the (gigantic) space. We attended Paul Winter's Winter Solstice, a three hour concert featuring a variety of music and dance performances. We were not sure what to expect and were a bit surprised by some of the show. At one point we howled at the moon to welcome in the new year! The show was very interesting and I am glad we were able to experience it. 
After the show we had pastries and coffee at The Hungarian Pasty Shop across the street from the church. Their Linzer tarts were so delicious! I have a feeling I will be back for more baked goods soon! 

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