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Oh, how I wish Charles P├ętillion's cumulus cloud of 100,000 white balloons was on display when I was in London back in July. If you are in the city, the balloons will be on display in London's Covent Garden until September 27, 2015.

My college dreams are finally becoming a reality- McDonald's will be serving all day breakfast.

I love this video offering advice about how to age gracefully. My favorite line- "Don't listen to other people's advice. Nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Just do your own thing, that's the way I see it." I also sob every time I listen to the man talk about his wife baking him apple pie.

After following her (amazing) fashion blog for years, I enjoyed reading this interview with Blair Eadie.

17 times Jim Halpert made you so happy you cried. You guys, I actually started crying just reading this list.

Queens (my borough!) was voted the number one tourist destination by Lonely Planet back in December. Here is a little bit from the New York Times about how the tourists have landed in Queens and are staying.


August according to Instagram.

This was one of my busiest months yet on Instagram. I started the month in Minnesota, where I attended PopUp Twin Cities, spent afternoons poolside, and caught up with my friends and family. We also took my nieces to Valleyfair for the first time and had a blast riding the roller coasters. 

After a month of traveling, I was eager to spend my final few weeks of summer back in New York. I wandered around Manhattan and found some of my favorite street art pieces to date. I also had a few little getaways to Lake Wallenpaupack, Bear Mountain, and the Dutchess County Fair.

August was a wonderful month! I hope you enjoyed following along on Instagram! 
Want to follow along on more adventures? My username is Daina_A. 


Scenes from the weekend: Dutchess County Fair

One of my favorite summer traditions growing up was visiting the Minnesota State Fair. It is the second largest fair in the county and is home to some of the most amazing foods, including cheese curds, buckets of warm chocolate chip cookies, hot dish on a stick, and Pronto Pups. When I first moved to New York City I flew home every summer to attend the Great Minnesota Get Together, but as the airline prices grew and I started teaching it was much more challenging to make it home to Minneapolis before Labor Day.

After recently reading about the Dutchess County Fair I knew we needed to check it out. On Saturday we ventured two hours upstate and had a blast at the fair! As soon as we arrived we picked out a few foods to share for lunch. Brian discovered the Texas Parfait, which included brisket, cole slaw, pulled pork, a baby back rib, and mashed potatoes topped with BBQ sauce and a cherry tomato. It tasted just as amazing as it looked! After lunch we watched pig races, cheered for the dogs at the DockDogs jumping competition, and attended AcroDunk in the Grand Stand. We snacked on apple cider donuts as we toured the antiques barn and also perused several merchandise tents. For dinner we split fresh cut fries, grilled corn on the cob, and pierogi. Of course, no trip to the fair is complete without some sweets! We loved the milkshakes from the 4H building and devoured a funnel cake before hitting the road. We are so excited to make the Dutchess County Fair our new summer tradition!


Read & Watch

Read & Watch:

How rose became, like, a thing.

Banksy's latest project, Dismaland, is so intriguing.

20 surprising things you may not expect when moving to Minnesota, my home state.

Ha! What your day would be like if technology didn't improve after the '90s. Brian and I were just talking about taping our favorite songs on the radio and the rage we experienced when the DJ started talking before the end of the song.

You guys, I think I have Misophonia. Finally an explanation for why noises such as loud chewing bother me so much.

I am in love with the concept of Full Bloom, an organization started by Shawn Chamberlain to recycle flowers and deliver them to patients in hospice care.


Scenes from the weekend.

We kicked off our weekend at MetLife Stadium on Friday night. Even though we are Patriots fans through and through, we would never turn down tickets (and amazing seats in Row 11!) to an NFL game. We had a blast at the Jets vs. Falcons pre-season game. The weather was beautiful, the stadium food hit the spot, and the whole experience made us excited for football season to begin!

On Saturday we picked up fresh produce at Brooklyn Grange, the world's largest soil rooftop farm. We feel so lucky that it is located within walking distance from our house in Astoria! We listened in on a small tour of the space before stocking up on peppers, swiss chard, tomatoes, and green beans. Brian cooked an amazing meal for us on Sunday with all of our fresh ingredients while I dove into my new Mindfulness Coloring Book. You guys, I am in love with this coloring book! I am excited to destress this school year with some good old-fashioned coloring. How was your weekend?
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