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Life according to Instagram: Arizona edition.

1. Ready to roll. Stocking up for the weekend.
2. Morning fuel.
3. Hiking South Mountain.
4. At the top after our two-mile hike up.
5. & 6. Top of the world!
7. Cactus view on South Mountain.
8. Dessert palms.
9. & 10. The Farm Kitchen. My CBLTDA was amazing- chicken, bacon, fresh greens, tomato, dates, and apples.
11. Dolled up and ready for a night out.
12. Good foods, great friends, happy heart.
13. Up before the sun to drive to Page, Arizona.
14. Up.
15. Road trip! Love these ladies.
16. Humphreys Peak.
17. Open road.
18. It was all fun and games until we were covered in dust. Absolutely covered.
19. & 20. Antelope Canyon. Photos don't even begin to capture how beautiful this place is!
21. Red Rocks in Sedona.
22. Howdy partners.
23. Don't let her smile fool you... these Sorry games got ugly.
24. Vacation morning.
25. Sun-kissed and happy.
26. Scottsdale ants marching.
27. Our final night in Old Town, Scottsdale.
28. Arizona sunset.
29. Spring break is an amazing concept.
30. Gelato spot.
31. & 32. Pool views.

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Life according to Instagram.

1. All curled up. 
2. 5 Pointz in Astoria- keep the lights on. 
3. I take my letter writing very seriously. 
4. Hallway view. 
5. Second surgery was a success! 
6. My favorite Thai, The Office, and Brian by my side. Not a bad way to start my recovery. 
7. Final touches. 
8. Celebrating the big 4-4. 
9. Sometimes you just need a happy hour on a Tuesday. 
10. Manhattan Bridge views. 
11. At least my walks to the hospital are cute. 
12. Fresh haircut. 
13. & 14. Bowery. 
15. Obey on Prince Street. 
16. Peanut butter and jelly cupcake love. 
17. & 18. An amazing research trip around Brooklyn with my second graders, followed by some fun at the park in DUMBO. 
19. Happy birthday baby! 
20. Busy bees. 
21. Army of three. Green coats unit. 
22. My friend Rebecca's house is my happy place. She even froths the half and half for our coffee. 
23. Game night! 
24. Weekend subway work = no N trains. Subway shuttles are not enjoyable. 
25. Spring in Rockefeller Center. 
26. Even Times Square looks good on those perfect spring days. 
27. This one makes me happy. 
28. All I need is you and new shoes. Can I get an amen? 
29. Sleepy Sunday.
30. Union Square Greenmarket.

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Scenes from the weekend.

I spent the weekend in Arizona with two of my oldest and dearest friends. We explored, hiked, shopped, and reminisced throughout the three days we were together. I fell in love with Arizona and can't wait to share more from our adventures soon! I couldn't have asked for a better first visit. Thank you Rachel for being such an amazing hostess!


Scenes from the weekend.

My favorite Columbian cheese bread on 30th Avenue in Astoria. 
NY Tartan Day Parade 2014
The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt
Spring has finally sprung in New York City! I spent Saturday afternoon running errands around Manhattan. I stumbled upon The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in Rockefeller Center and loved looking at the variety of egg sculptures that lined the plaza. I didn't realize until I got home and did a little more research that eggs are currently hidden throughout the five boroughs! You can check in on The Big Egg Hunt free app as you find the eggs to enter in a contest to win a jewel-encrusted Fabregé egg pendant. Who knew? I am bummed I missed the chance to pin so many eggs while I was there! Saturday evening Brian and I attended a fundraiser for my school in Brooklyn. It was fun to get dressed up and spend a night out on the town with friends. Unfortunately, we both woke up feeling under the weather Sunday morning. We spent the entire day in our pajamas drinking lots of water, watching Friends, and taking naps. Hopefully we will both feel better soon! How was your weekend?


Scenes from the weekend.

Friday I had my second vein surgery, this time on my right leg. This procedure was easier than the first, and I am already feeling much more upbeat about my recovery. I walked around all day today with minimal pain- woohoo! Over the weekend we celebrated Brian's birthday a little early with Emily. I baked a cake, she planned a menu of Pirate's Booty and pizza, and we watched Tangled together Saturday night. On Sunday I treated myself to a bright spring manicure and a bouquet of tulips to counter the cold wind and rain. Luckily the temperatures are warming up this week. How was your weekend?
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