Monthly Update: Greta at 3 Months

It is hard to believe that Greta is already three months old! Time is flying by with our beautiful baby girl and she is growing and changing every single day. Here are the little things about her third month that I never want to forget.

Monthly Update: Greta at 3 Months

Eating: Greta is a great eater! We are still exclusively breastfeeding. I try to pump when I can so Brian can bottle feed her once a day as well. If Brian walks into a room when I am feeding Greta she almost always stops eating to look and listen to her daddy. I loved using the My Brest Friend nursing pillow during the first two months of nursing, but transitioned to the Boppy this month. Greta is still a bit fussy when we are nursing on the go, but she is getting much better.

Sleeping: Greta is still sleeping through the night! She goes to bed around 9:30 every night and wakes up around 5 am. She loves falling asleep with her lovey. She also still sleeps with her arms up in touchdown position most of the time. In her third month she outgrew her size small Love to Dream sleep sack, so we transitioned back to her Halo newborn swaddles for the time being until she is big enough for the medium size. Greta still sleeps in our room in her Nuna Sena. I really like having her next to me every night. I wake up several times each night to check on her and also often need to pop her pacifier back into her mouth when she gets fussy. Greta also still takes lots of little naps in my arms throughout the day. When she was a newborn she slept with her tummy on my chest, but now she most often sleeps with her side on my chest. She loves being shushed to sleep. One of our favorite things about Greta is that she wakes up smiling. Every morning I wake up to her talking in her bassinet and she instantly smiles when I lean over to pick her up.

Doing: Greta is so close to rolling over! She constantly is rolling onto her side when she is on her play mat. She often gets frustrated in this position and cries out for help. She is super playful and loves batting at her hanging toys! She also recently starting holding certain toys like her ball and corn on the cob teething toy. In Greta's third month she started holding up her head independently. She enjoys facing out when being held, but also still loves facing in when in her Ergo carrier. Greta really likes tummy time and can hold her head up at a ninety degree angle. Her chest is also almost always off the ground. We are so proud of our strong baby!

Latest Milestones: Greta laughed for the first time the day before her third month birthday! She giggled when her grandma was trying to give her a bottle. Brian was out of town, but luckily we got one of the first laughs on video to show him! It was the cutest little sound I have ever heard.

Favorite Things: Greta has lots of toys that she loves to play with. Her favorite toys are her hanging pink owl and turtle toys. She could spend all day on her play mat batting her toys around! Greta still uses a pacifier throughout the day and also loves to suck on her hands. She can fit almost her entire fist in her mouth! She also loves holding her hands together.

Best Adventures: We went on lots of adventures together in Greta's third month! We took our second trip to Minnesota after a close friend passed away unexpectedly. Greta did a great job on both flights! While we were there we spent a lot of time with friends and also visited the Minnesota State Fair. Greta and I also had some fun baby playdates in Central Park and Washington Square Park with our baby buddies Seph and Caleb.

Our Family: Emily loves her little sister so much and is getting more and more comfortable talking to her and playing with her. Whenever she hears Greta crying she quickly runs over to help sooth and comfort her. Greta talks the most with her daddy after he gets home from work. He also is able to get her to laugh more than anyone else. We FaceTime with our family in Minnesota and Florida often. Greta loves seeing her great grandma and grandpa on mommy's phone several times a week!

Favorite Part About This Age: Honestly, I love every single thing about my three month old. I especially love how much she smiles and interacts at this age. She smiles most often when someone is talking to her in a calm and happy voice. She doesn't need any tickles or tricks to get her to smile, in fact, they often scare her! I also love how much she plays with her toys. Over the course of her third month she got so much better at reaching and grasping for things.


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What We're Watching: Maternity Leave Month 3

My third month of maternity leave was actually quite busy! Greta and I spent some time in Minnesota and planned several get togethers with friends around New York City. But, I managed to sneak in some TV time as well. Here are several series I watched while Greta napped, played, and ate during my third month of my maternity leave.

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The Good Place: One of the easiest shows to binge-watch! I am used to watching hour-long shows, so these 22-minute episodes flew by. The first season is 12 episodes long and the second season airs this coming week! 

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Bachelor in Paradise: My attention for this season of Bachelor in Paradise fizzled after a few episodes, but I found the finale quite entertaining. I am excited to watch this coming season of The Bachelor; what do you all think of Arie? 
The Good Wife: My mom always raved about The Good Wife. Because it was not on Netflix I didn't think I would be able to watch it. But then I discovered Amazon Video. Within a couple days I had watched the first season and was addicted. It is my new favorite show to watch while Greta nurses and naps!

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Catastrophe: I loved every second of this show. Sharon and Rob had me laughing out loud during every episode and I was so sad when I finished the final episode on Amazon Video. I was also convinced that they must be married in real life, but it turns out they're not. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do!

I still have a few months before I return to work in the new year. Any shows you recommend? 


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What We're Watching: Maternity Leave Months 1 and 2

Let's be serious, I watched A LOT of shows during my first two months of maternity leave. Between my recovery, a follow-up surgery due to some complications during my labor, and the countless hours of nursing, I found myself sitting on the couch for hours at a time holding Greta. Here are several shows I (binge) watched while holding my sleeping baby.

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The Great British Baking Show: You guys, this is how all reality television should be. Every weekend on The Great British Baking Show amateur bakers come to the tent to complete in three challenges: the signature bake, the technical challenge, and the showstopper. The contestants are polite, charismatic, and entertaining. What I love most is that after each episode they return to their normal lives. There is NO drama between the bakers. In fact, they often help each other during their baking crises! We are currently halfway through the third season. The most challenging thing about watching this show is resisting the temptation to eat baked goods constantly. Brian has made several trips to our favorite local bakery after watching episodes to pick up cookies and cakes! We also now feel like we are experts on sponge, layers, and meringue.

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Master of None: Aziz Ansari is pure genius. I plowed through the two seasons of Master of None and was so sad when it was over! I especially loved the first episode of Season 2 and the Thanksgiving episode. Master of None also showcases so many beautiful moments in New York City. I think I am already ready to re-watch it all. I miss Dev!

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Friends: Brian and I have watched all ten seasons of Friends more times than we can count. It is one of our all-times favorites! During the week leading up to my surgery we had it on constantly. It's hard to be in a bad mood when watching this show.

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Bachelorette: Yes, I am a member of Bachelor Nation. I liked Rachel's season, although it was a little less drama filled than usual. Anyone have a prediction for who the next bachelor will be?

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World of Dance: I danced for 12 years growing up, so dance competition shows always appeal to me. I liked World of Dance because they only showed the best of the best from the very beginning. I am never a fan of the audition shows, so I was happy to see that this was not included in the series. I was disappointed with who ended up winning the show, but I still loved watching it all.

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The Office: This is another series that I have watched again and again. No matter how many times I watch, the episodes always make me laugh out loud! One of my all-time favorite scenes is the opening scene in the episode Stress Relief where Dwight starts a fire. I almost pee my pants every time I watch Angela throw her cat into the ceiling and watch Oscar's legs fall through as he tries to escape.

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The Sinner: Three of the eight episodes in this close-ended series have aired. Some scenes have been difficult to watch for me, but after the first episode I was hooked. I am so intrigued by what will happen to Cora!

Any recommendations for what I should watch during my third month of maternity leave?


Long Island City

A few weeks ago Brian and I took Greta to Long Island City for the first time. Before walking along the waterfront park we stopped in LIC Flea & Food for lunch. We started with an empanada from Empanada Papa and a BBQ sandwich from Miss Holly's Smokehouse. The BBQ was so delicious we went back immediately to Miss Holly's for a second! It was really nice enjoying the summer day as a family of three.


Welcome Greta Girl!

On Monday, June 12th we welcomed our beautiful baby Greta Rose into the world. After a traumatic delivery for both mommy and baby, we spent a little extra time in the hospital and NICU recovering together. We are incredibly grateful for the amazing care Greta received from her NICU doctors and nurses. My doctors and surgeons were also fantastic. The team at NYU Langone is truly special!
Since the moment we first held her, Greta has been stealing our hearts. Her cuddles, smiles, and adorable little baby noises bring me so much joy and I simply cannot get enough of her! I will be on maternity leave through the fall and am so excited to spend the next several months with my Great girl.

I hope to return to more regular posting soon. For now I am cherishing every minute with my baby and trying to sneak in as many naps with her as possible!
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