Monthly Update: Greta at 8 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 8 Months

Eating: Greta tried several solid foods this month. Although we are not truly practicing baby led weaning, we are finding inspiration from that method when preparing our meals. Greta loves cheese, waffles, pasta, and broccoli. We are excited to introduce many more foods this coming month! I have been exclusively nursing and pumping up into this point, but am starting to introduce formula next month. Keeping up my supply at work has been challenging and after a month and a half my freezer supply is depleted. We researched many formula options and decided on this one.

Sleeping: Not much has changed regarding Greta's sleeping patterns. She falls asleep every night between 7-7:30 pm after nursing for a few minutes. We thankfully never needed to sleep train- she always falls asleep with her lovey after a few minutes in her crib! I typically get up to feed her once a night for a few minutes.

Doing: Greta is on the go! She quickly crawls across our living room towards her toys. She also pops up into a sitting position with ease when in her crib or on her play mat. Greta is still really engaged with her toys. She loves hitting them together or throwing them across the room. Greta gets super excited when she sees people she knows. Every morning at daycare drop off she smiles and claps when she sees Mrs. Violeta. She is equally excited when I pick her up! It is the best feeling to see her smiling and kicking excitedly walking towards me every evening.

Latest Milestones: A few days before her eighth month birthday she started standing on her feet while playing on her walking activity toy. She hasn't stood up along any of our furniture yet, but we know it is only a matter of time! She also cut her first tooth on February 11, 2018.

Favorite Things: Greta loves her stacking rings (she spends a lot of time clapping the rings together and throwing them across our living room), her indestructible book, and her walking activity toy. We keep the walker folded down, which allows Greta to play with all of the dials and spinning toys as she sits and crawls. She puts everything in her mouth and drools constantly.

Best Adventures: We took it very easy this month. Between a lingering cold for Greta and the realities of returning to work for me, we looked forward to staying home every weekend! We did take Greta to the Queens Museum on my birthday, which was her first official museum visit.

Our Family: We celebrated my 33rd birthday together with a trip to the museum, cake, and ice cream. It was very special having the four of us together for the weekend! Greta helped me blow out my candles and got to try a tiny bite of my cake. We ordered the same cake that we had at our wedding- strawberry cake with cream cheese icing from sugar sweet sunshine.

Favorite Part About This Age: I love every single thing about Greta at this age- she is constantly exploring, playing, smiling, and laughing! I especially love watching her try to interact with our cat, Boo. Boo wants nothing to do with her, but every time Greta sees her she perks up and tries to pet her. She is already such a cat lady!


Monthly Update: Greta at 7 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 7 Months

Eating: Greta tried so many new foods this month! We eased her into solid foods by trying several purees. We were surprised by how much she enjoyed her spinach and kale purees! She also tried some yogurt melts. Greta is still exclusively on breastmilk and drinks about 14 oz. at daycare every day.

Sleeping: Greta sleeps through most nights. Sometimes she wakes up for one brief nighttime feeding either at 1:30 or 3:30 am, but always falls right back asleep. I slept in her room several nights this month while she recovered from her first bad cold.

Doing: Greta easily pops up into a sitting position and loves to play with her toys on her play mat. She also likes playing with toys in her crib. Every morning she starts her day in her activity table. She spends most of her time throwing her toys off of it!

Latest Milestones: Greta started crawling this month! She crawled for the first time on New Years Eve. It was a very exciting way to ring in the new year!

Favorite Things: Greta loves, loves, loves her If I Were an Owl book, which she received as a Christmas gift from her Great Aunt and Uncle. She lights up every time she sees the cover and does an amazing job touching each page. We read it SO MANY times during our flight to Minnesota!
Best Adventures: This month Greta visited Santa twice (once in NYC and once in Minnesota), went on long walks with mommy in her stroller, celebrated her first Christmas, and took her eighth plane ride!

Our Family: Brian and I spent this month emotionally preparing to send Greta to daycare. I found myself crying often throughout the month of December thinking about going back to work. Thankfully, we knew we loved our daycare before we even started taking Greta there. The night before I returned to work I barely slept. Between the anxiety and emotions I woke up every hour. After a few tears kissing Greta goodbye I stayed strong the rest of the day. I am grateful that my job keeps me very busy from the time I arrive until the time I leave! Poor Brian had to handle the first drop off. He was very upset and was eager to pick her up at noon on her first day. Greta cried briefly during the first two drop offs, but after that she was all smiles every single morning!

Favorite Part About This Age: Greta's smile lights up the room! She truly is the happiest baby in the entire world. I love how she smiles at me the second I walk into her room in the morning.


Monthly Update: Greta at 6 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 6 Months

Eating: Greta is still exclusively breastfed. Unlike most babies, she does not like to nurse before bed. I am not sure if it is because my supply is lower by this time of day or if it is just too much work for her, but she often cries after latching for a minute or two. We give her a 5-6 ounce bottle before bed every evening before she falls asleep. At the very end of the month we introduced infant cereal. We are excited to explore lots of new foods in her seventh month!

Sleeping: After five and a half months in our bedroom, Greta transitioned to her crib this month! She was much too tall for her Nuna SENA Mini Aire and started to wake herself up several times a night as she hit the sides. I also think being so close to us was causing her to wake up as well. She took to her crib right away and is sleeping much more soundly. I had a very hard time with the transition and slept in her room with her the first few nights. I turned out I was the only one who needed to "cry it out" during her crib sleep training!

Doing: Greta loves grabbing our faces. She always touches our cheeks and noses when we cuddle with her. She also is an expert at giving slobbery, open mouth kisses- we are still working on that one! We are practicing sitting up every day. Greta constantly talks and screams while she plays and loves to smile.

Latest Milestones: Greta is starting to say a couple consonant sounds. She often babbles "ba, ba, ba" and we are constantly encouraging her to say mama and dada. At the beginning of December Greta started rocking back onto her knees during tummy time. She looks like she is about to take off crawling all the time!

Favorite Things: Greta loves her activity table and plays for hours every day. She also really likes listening to books. We have a few Christmas books that we read every day together.

Best Adventures: Greta took in all of the Christmas sights with Grandma while she was visiting the first week of December. She LOVED looking at all of the lights on the Christmas trees in Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park. She also met Santa at Macy's on 34th Street.

Our Family: We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. Emily and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Greta while Brian cooked away in the kitchen. I have never felt more thankful for all of the love and joy in my life.

Favorite Part About This Age: What is there not to like? I love watching her learn new things every single day. She has so much fun playing with her toys and is curious about everything! I also still cannot get enough of her little laugh.


Greta's First Snow!

The first snow of the season is so exciting and magical! We loved watching Greta take it all in from our front patio. Remarkably, she didn't even cry as the large flakes hit her face! After a few minutes we all headed back inside for movies and hot chocolate.


Scenes from the weekend.

We love when Grandma comes to visit! We had a super fun weekend with my mom in town. Saturday was cold and rainy, so we spent most of the day at home working on projects. We are in the middle of redecorating our living room so there was a lot of things to get done! We did venture out for a few hours that evening for a delicious Italian dinner at Via Trenta.

On Sunday my mom and I took Greta into Manhattan to visit Downton Abbey: The Exhibition. It was amazing to see so many of the sets replicated, along with a large collection of the costumes and accessories. I just finished watching all six seasons so the opening of the temporary exhibit was perfect! Afterwards we walked to the Plaza Food Hall for lunch and admired the Berdorf Goodman holiday windows. The crystal dinosaurs in the window representing the Museum of Natural History were absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to take in all of the Christmas sights when my mom comes back in two weeks for another visit.


Monthly Update: Greta at 5 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 5 Months

Eating: Greta has developed the very painful habit of pinching me while she eats. I try to keep her hands occupied as much as possible to avoid painful nursing sessions! I always have a few bruises on my chest from her painful pinches. We have not introduced any food tasting yet, but might start next month.

Sleeping: Greta is still a great sleeper! She is consistently sleeping through the night with minimal wake-ups. We plan to keep her in our room for a few more weeks until I return to work. I actually really enjoy having her next to me. I take comfort in checking on her throughout the night.

Doing: Greta is chewing on everything she can get her hands on! She doesn't have any teeth coming in yet, but she will be an expert chewer by the time she does. This month we also experienced our first blow out poops! Brian was at work both times they occurred, leaving me to clean up both Greta and the poop-covered clothes.

Latest Milestones: Greta graduated from her SkipHop play mat and transitioned to her activity center. She plays in there for hours throughout the day! At her most recent doctor appointment she experienced "stranger danger" for the first time. While I was sad to see her so upset, it made me happy that she was immediately calmed down after seeing me again.

Favorite Things: Greta's favorite toys include her carrot and beet teething toys, Sophie the Giraffe, and her lovey. She also loves to scream! She is a very chatty and loves to talk to mommy and daddy.

Best Adventures: I took Greta to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the end of October. She was awake for the majority of our visit and we captured some of my new favorite photographs together. We also took Greta trick or treating for the first time. She was the cutest little lamb!

Our Family: We spent a long weekend in Minnesota visiting family. Greta spent time with her great grandparents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and great great aunt. My close friend Jill also spent four days with us in New York City at the end of October. Greta's big sister Emily took a babysitting class with her Girl Scouts troop and is now a diaper changing expert!

Favorite Part About This Age: Greta is so observant and curious. She is constantly watching and reacting to things around her. She always smiles when she sees me, which makes my heart melt. It also is so fun watching her dance. We look forward to our dance parties every day!


Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween from our little lamb! I don't know if I will ever get used to trick or treating to stores instead of houses, but we had a blast taking Greta around our neighborhood for the first time last night. I couldn't stop smiling as I watched her and Brian walk in and out of businesses with her little pumpkin bucket collecting candy. We also loved seeing everyone's reactions as we walked by them. Her little lamb costume was a hit! She fell asleep in her daddy's arms after a few stops so we decided to skip the Halloween party for Astoria families at Strand BBQ and head home instead.

Is it bad that I am already planning our costumes for next year? Halloween is a million times better as a mom. I can't wait to plan our family's costumes for 2018!


Read & Watch

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Kelle Hampton does it again. This Halloween centerpiece is amazing!

This hidden penthouse in TriBeCa looks amazing!

Target is gearing up to release adaptive apparel for kiddos with disabilities.

20 things you say that make you Minnesotan. Brian and Emily still make fun of me every time I saw #2.

I spent much of my childhood in the early nineties watching Supermarket Sweep. It's coming back!

Family Halloween goals.


Monthly Update: Greta at 4 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 4 Months

Eating: When Greta was younger (0-3 months) she clenched her little hands into fists while she ate. She almost always had her thumb in between her pointer and middle fingers and often held her fist up in the air while feeding. During her fourth month she started holding me while nursing. She places her hands on my chest and arms and looks up at me often. I love it!

Sleeping: Greta is still a champion sleeper, but she is starting to wake up more throughout the night. She usually is quickly soothed back to sleep. She also tends to be wide awake around 5 am now instead of 7 am. I get up with her every morning and then take an early morning nap with her from around 8-9:30 am. Overall no complaints!

Doing: Greta is constantly rolling, playing, and smiling. She grasps toys easily now and always has them in her hands. I started packing toys in our diaper bag this month for her to play while on the go. She also discovered how fun it is to scream! She shrieks very loudly when she is happy, excited, or mad. Greta isn't laughing frequently yet, but I can usually get several giggles out of her every day. She often laughs as me when I sing to her... should I feel bad?

Latest Milestones: Greta rolled over! Both Brian and I watched her roll over for the first time on September 23, 2017, just shy of 15 weeks old. We were so excited for her! She had the biggest smile on her face when she reached her tummy time position. She now is rolling back and forth constantly and loves doing tummy time on her own. She reaches for her toys and easily grasps them now. She also discovered her feet this month!

Favorite Things: Greta loves her crinkly books! This one is a favorite of ours. She often reaches for them when she is on her tummy. She also loves rolling over and playing on her tummy! It is hard to keep her on her back these days. It is proving especially challenging after meals. She spits up a lot more these days!

Best Adventures: This month we went apple picking upstate, picnicked in Washington Square Park with our baby buddies, met Joanna while she was in town from London, and visited mommy's second grade classroom. Greta also went with me to get my bangs trimmed; she looked so cute on my lap in our shared cape!

Our Family: Greta met her Mimi and Bumpa this month! We were so grateful they were able to make the trip up from Florida to spend a long weekend with her. We celebrated Bumpa's 84th birthday together.

Favorite Part About This Age: Making Greta laugh is hands down my favorite part about her fourth month. It is the sweetest and cutest sound I have ever head.
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