Gossip Coffee

Gossip Coffee recently opened on 30th Avenue in Astoria. I made a point to visit on opening day to grab a drink, and returned the following morning to try a donut. The space is beautiful and offers a variety of places to get comfortable, including an amazing backyard. They have ten house brewed iced teas on tap in additional to cold brew. I loved the white strawberry tea! It was a bit expensive, but a nice treat on a hot summer day. The key lime donut was also amazing. Welcome to the neighborhood Gossip Coffee! I am looking forward to many more donuts and drinks to come.


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

Street artist OakOak is brightening up his hometown with playful pieces that interact with the environment.

I was excited to see the Graham & Co. listed as one of the 50 best places to travel in 2015.

Brian makes the most amazing cold brew every week for our house. See the step by step process from Blue Bottle Coffee here.

I am eager to make more salads this summer. I can't wait to try this spring roll salad with spicy peanut dressing!

I am the WORST when it comes to snoozing my multiple alarms. I am hoping to break my nasty habit with these tips and tricks from the ultimate guide to breaking your snooze button addiction.

This recording of Murmuring State by Tall Heights is everything.


Instax Mini Prints from Paris: 2014

It's difficult to capture how beautiful Paris is on tiny little Instax prints, but I tried my best. I am hoping to photograph more cafes, rooftops, and baked goods with my Instax mini on my trip to Paris this week!


Our Florida Fish

From the moment we arrived in Florida, all Emily wanted to do was swim. She is our little fish! We were able to have two amazing days at the pool with my nieces Reese and Sage. It makes my heart happy to see the girls becoming such good friends. They had a blast swimming and playing together!


Instax Mini Prints from London: 2014

In honor of my upcoming travels to London and Paris, I thought I would share some of my favorite Instax mini photos from last year's adventures. First up... LONDON! 
I cannot wait to make more Instax photos this year, especially during our day trip to Oxford. I packed several boxes of film and plan to use them all!


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

I will be attending a white pop-up picnic with my family in August. I love this "French country" inspired table setting!

10 things not to do in Paris (plus ten alternatives to help you fall in love with the City of Light).

I loved these composition tips for stunning Instagram square photos.

Why women are judged far more harshly than men for leaving work early.

I would happily take any of these 25 trips of a lifetime. I can vouch for one location on Travel and Leisure's list- my Zambia safari was an experience I will never forget!

These tricks will come in handy at the beach this summer.


Scenes from the weekend.

Brian and I kicked off our weekend at Rockaway Beach. We had lunch at Tacoway Beach before spending the afternoon in the sand near the 106th boardwalk. I satisfied my craving for watermelon juice, but unfortunately the line at Caracas was too long to bear for fried green plantains. On Saturday night we stayed in, ordered Chinese, and watched a movie. We also plowed through several episodes of Parks and Recreation- we are almost to the last season! On Sunday I managed to make it to the gym for a quick workout in between hours of Gilmore Girls. On Sunday afternoon I met up with some friends at BBar to welcome Usha and her husband back to the States. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone over drinks and appetizers! All in all a perfect NYC summer weekend!


A little video from our trip to Florida.

Brian, Emily, and I had an amazing week together in Florida. We started our travels with my family in Tampa and Orlando, and then drove to Venice for the second half of the week to be with Brian's family.

All video filmed on my Canon 6D and edited in iMovie. Music by Katrina Stone. 


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

These delicate lead pencil carvings by Salavat Fidai are stunning.

I learned a lot from these Snapchat tricks and tips. Are you on Snapchat?

I am hoping to slide down the giant slides in this exhibition when I return to London in a couple weeks.

The Kentucky Mule is my favorite summer cocktail.

An interesting read from the New York Times on why women apologize and should stop.

Tall Heights announced they will release a new EP, Holding On, Holding Out, in October. I can't wait to get my hands on this song.


New York Flower District

I recently explored New York City's Flower District for the first time. The Flower District is tucked away on 28th Street in Manhattan and offers a wide variety of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies. I used these tips to make the most of my first shopping experience. Browsing bouquet after bouquet of peonies was an added bonus!
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