Our wedding day was like a dream. I had always wanted a small, intimate New York wedding. We invited 19 of our loved ones to witness our marriage ceremony at City Hall in Manhattan. After we were married, Brian and I rode around the city together in a 1969 checkered cab. We stopped in DUMBO, admired the views from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, and strolled around Gramercy Park. That evening we had the most amazing meal with our family at Maialino in the Gramercy Park Hotel. We laughed and cried through many speeches and left with full bellies and hearts.  It was honestly the most happy and least stressed I have been in my entire life. I cannot wait to spend a lifetime with Brian!

Our photographer, JC Lemon, sent us a few sneaks peeks from our day. I am so excited to see the rest of our photos in a few weeks! Once I have all of our photos from our wedding I will make sure to share more.


License to wed.

Two weeks ago Brian and I took the afternoon off to go get our marriage license. We opted to go to the City Clerk's office in Manhattan to scope out the scene before our wedding. After we got our marriage license we had a date night downtown. We got our auras read at Magic Jewelry (both of our energies showed love and sensitivity- wedding ready!), had an early dinner at La Esquina, and picked up cold brew at Happy Bones. At the end of the evening we stopped at Sugar Sweet Sunshine to order our wedding cake. It was the perfect day!


Love, Brunch, and Whiskey

When my friends Brianne and Lindsey asked how I wanted to celebrate my upcoming wedding in New York City, I knew I didn't want a typical bachelorette party. I much prefer daytime activities around the city to nighttime activities at bars and clubs. So, we worked together to plan a "Daina Day," full of my favorite things! We started our day together with a delicious brunch at Vinegar Hill House. Lindsey brought a fun game to play while we ate and the girls also wrote down mystery memories for me to share. We also enjoyed some yummy cupcakes that Jen brought at the end of our meal.
After brunch we walked to the Brooklyn Navy Yards to tour the Kings County Distillery.
The tour was super informative and interesting! We learned all about the history, culture, and process of distilling bourbon. We also got to try lots of samples! 
Lindsey, Jacqueline, and I walked down to DUMBO after the tour for coffee and cookies at One Girl Cookies. We don't get to spend time together often, so it was so nice to catch up! Enjoying ice cream in the park was a part of our original plan, but the cold and misty weather was not ideal for chilly treats. We will just have to return to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory together once I am a Mrs.!

Thank you to all of my New York City ladies for such a wonderful day! 


Showered with love.

At the end of April my sisters, mom, and best friend Amy threw me the most beautiful bridal shower. They were so thoughtful about every single detail of the day, from the lunch menu to the decorations. It was a wonderful afternoon with many of the most important women in my life!
Each guest came with a favorite memory written down on a Project Life card, which my mom knew I would love to put in my scrapbook. This was one of my details the girls planned! After everyone arrived I read the cards one by one, guested who recorded the memory, and introduced her to the group. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other. 
Amy found the cutest handmade soaps on Etsy for favors. Each bag was stamped with a bride and groom or a heart, depending on the kind of soap. It was such a great gift for the guests to take home.
Amy and I have been friends for over twenty years. I am so lucky to have her in my life! 
I wore my grandma's locket at my shower. She got it when she was 12 and gave it to my on my thirtieth birthday. 
It was so nice to have my mom, grandma, aunt, and sisters at my shower with me. 
My sisters knew that having just a cake was not enough for a dessert-loving bride, so they creating a dessert bar of some of my favorite treats! My sister-in-law Jamie picked up cinnamon sugar and frosted donuts from A Baker's Wife, whose donuts were voted among the best in Minnesota! Amy brought macarons and my mom made my favorite sugar cookies. It was such a delicious spread!
After lunch we gathered to open gifts. I received so many lovely things, including these Minnesota gifts that will always remind me of home.
My Maple Grove ladies, who stuck with me through every questionable decision I made in elementary school, junior high, and high school. We have been through a lot together! 
I cannot thank these ladies enough for all of the love, support, and memories they have given me over the years. I am so excited to celebrate with them all at my wedding!
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