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My Top 20

The year I moved to New York City I bought my first iPod and it forever changed my music life. Gone were the days of carrying around a Discman with a stack of CDs. I took my iPod with me everywhere. I remember scrolling through my entire music library in amazement during my freshman year classes and spending hours downloading each and every disc from my CD books into iTunes.

With my iPod also came the freedom to make unlimited playlists. Since 2003 I have made countless playlists for workouts, flights, road trips, seasons, holidays, and moods. And these twenty songs, my personal top twenty, are on almost every playlist I make. Most of these songs have streamed through my headphones for over fifteen years, with one or two new additions along the way.
  1. Wildflowers, Tom Petty 
  2. Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones 
  3. Cornflake Girl, Tori Amos 
  4. Say It Ain't So, Weezer 
  5. All I Want, Toad The Wet Sprocket 
  6. Where Does the Good Go, Tegan and Sara 
  7. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Pearl Jam
  8. Learning to Fly, Tom Petty 
  9. Beautiful Girl, INXS
  10. White Blank Page, Mumford & Sons
  11. Swan Dive, Ani Difranco 
  12. Optimistic, Radiohead
  13. Wonderwall, Oasis  
  14. Gypsy, Fleetwood Mac 
  15. Just Like Heaven, The Cure
  16. To Build a Home, The Cinematic Orchestra 
  17. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Postal Service
  18. Porcelain, Moby
  19. Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve 
  20. Silver Springs (The Dance), Fleetwood Mac 
What songs are on your personal top twenty? Please comment with your favorites below! 


Great Minnesota Get-Together

One of my favorite traditions growing up was visiting the Minnesota State Fair the week before Labor Day. The food and people watching are like no where else in the world! I was lucky enough to fly home for the fair this year and satisfy all of my fried-food cravings. I attended the fair with my mom, stepdad, and twin brothers. We had a long list of foods to sample throughout the day, and ended up going back for seconds of some of our favorites! The Tom Thumb mini-donuts were especially delicious this year. The mini-donut beer was also quite tasty! We commented throughout the day about how crowded it was, and discovered when we got home that it was the highest-attended day in Minnesota State Fair history! We were proud to be a part of the historic day. I will be dreaming of grilled corn and cheese curds until my next visit.


National Cat Day- Meow!

First off... Happy National Cat Day! Of all the random holidays, this one is the definitely the most important (closely followed by National Donut Day and National Macaron Day). We plan to spend the day at home with our cat baby sleeping and eating- two of her all-time favorite activities!

I have been out of commission all week with a nasty sinus infection, but I am excited to get back to my regular posting next week. I am setting a goal for myself to post at least four times in order to catch up on some events from the end of the summer that I want to share. Stay tuned for more posts soon!


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Read & Watch: 

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