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Gal Meets Glam's 5-day guide to Tulum makes me want to go back there as soon as possible!

Wow! Bette Midler's Manhattan penthouse is stunning.

These lemon shortbread cookies sound delicious.

What one traveler learned about packing after living out of a suitcase for six months.

This $8 rosé was rated one of the best in the world.

Millennial parents need to chill.


Flashback Friday: Gallery Girls' Day

Emily and I had an awesome girls' day in Manhattan back in January. We set out to see the photography show Henry Chalfant: 1980 at the Eric Firestone Loft on Great Jones Street. I taught Lee Quinones's son last year and was eager to see so much of his work on display. We spent almost an hour wandering the space, admiring each and every photo. It was an amazing collection! Henry Chalfant happened to be there while we were visiting, so we also chat with him for a bit about his work and process.

We always make sure to eat lots of yummy food on our girls' day. Emily was so excited to try Georgetown Cupcake and I was eager to introduce her to Pomme Frites. We also stopped for pizza at sLICe in Astoria at the beginning of our day.

I can't wait for more girls' days with both of my girls this summer and fall!


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Read & Watch: 

I am looking forward to trying Rebel Donut Bar this summer when I am in Minnesota. Who can resist a donut flight?

The feminist legacy of The Babysitter's Club.

8 things kids need to do by themselves before they're 13.

I can't wait for the DeKalb Market Food Hall to open soon- it is right next to my subway stop for work!

These before and after photos reveal how New York City has changed over the last 100 years.

I can't stop watching this dance.


40 Weeks

We are officially at 40 weeks and eagerly awaiting baby girl's arrival! The hospital bags are packed, the carseat is installed, and the smell of Dreft fills the air every time we open the nursery closet. I am so grateful that we were able to capture these pictures back when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Franzi, one of the photographers from Deer Baby Photo, did a beautiful job photographing my growing baby bump. We can't wait for her to take photos of our newborn very soon!

Time to eat some more spicy foods and take a long walk... come on, baby!


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Read & Watch: 

I need to get to Rockefeller Center as soon as possible to see Jeff Koons' inflatable ballerina, on display now through June 2nd.

I love the idea of taking the same photo every year. Our first anniversary is coming up on June 10th!

The best farm to table restaurants in every state.

21 things people under the age of 16 won't believe we used to do on the internet.

Rosa Park's Detroit home gets a second life in Berlin.

A beautiful video capturing a rare full cloud inversion inside the Grand Canyon.


L'As du Fallafel

I have had many, many cravings throughout my pregnancy ranging from homemade chocolate chip cookies to brussels sprouts with maple syrup. Luckily, most of my cravings can be satisfied very quickly in New York City. You can have just about anything delivered to your door within the hour! But, there is one craving that I need a passport to satisfy: L'As du Fallafel in the Le Marais neighborhood in Paris. Their falafel sandwich is out of this world delicious! If you are in Paris make sure to stop by once or twice for an amazing lunch on the go. The lines are always long, but move quickly and are worth waiting in. I cannot wait to return to Paris in the near future to indulge my many Parisian cravings!


Flashback Friday: Photo Date on the LES

I am back for another edition of Flashback Friday! One of my favorite things to do with friends is meet up for camera dates in the city. My friend Jen and I love picking neighborhoods throughout Manhattan to explore and photograph together. We challenge ourselves to set our cameras to manual mode and take our time capturing the perfect shots as we chat and wander. During this camera date last August we spent a couple hours in the Lower East Side. We stopped along the way for pudding at my favorite bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and kept our eyes peeled for interesting street art as we walked. I am hoping that camera dates are a good activity with baby this coming summer and fall!

See mine and Jen's last camera date here.


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Read & Watch: 

The Unicorn Frappuccino: "We as a society need to choose a narrative: are we living in a Lisa Frank catalog or a Walking Dead/House of Cards crossover?" This article in Elle made me laugh. 

Lego announced a huge change to the future of their toys. 

Sweden opened its first mall for repaired and recycled goods.

It's time to normalize infertility

Three cleaning tips for toys to prevent mold. 

Troop 6000, the first Girl Scout Troop solely for homeless girls in New York City.


Frenchie to Go

One of our favorite lunch spots in Paris is Frenchie to Go. The cafe is located off of Rue Montorgueil, a beautiful pedestrian-only street in the 2nd arrondissement that is lined with shops, restaurants, and bakeries. We have stopped by the cafe during our last two visits to Paris and plan on returning next time we are there as well! After lunch we always treat ourselves to dessert at Stohrer, the oldest bakery in Paris. Their pastries are so delicious! I highly recommend their eclairs.

Do you have any favorite restaurants in Paris that you would recommend?
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