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In honor of our trip to Disney World this week, here are 25 things you didn't know about Disney Parks.

With the help from her dad, little Layla is sporting amazing eye patches every day. See all of her eye patches here.

This font will help you better understand what Dyslexia is like.

I am hoping to check out these rooftop bars this summer. Who's with me?

Ryan Montbleau's new album, Growing Light, is so good. I especially love this song.

Lego is adding more women in science characters to its toy lineup. Although there are still many stereotypes represented in the Friends play sets, this is a step in the right direction!


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I am in love with Emily Blincoe's colorful arrangements of objects. Her photographs are stunning! I especially like the rock and berry images featured in this post. Check out more of her work here.

I was a T9 texting machine in high school. I can still remember these 16 cell phone struggles of the early 2000s.

I was heartbroken when this amazing creation from Ample Hills sold out before I could get my hands on one. Please bring back the Black and White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich!

James Mollison's new book, Playground, shows what schools' recess yards look like around the world.

I have been watching this dance on repeat all week. Amazing.

I am excited to return to the NYPL's outdoor reading rooms this summer.


Scenes from the weekend.

This weekend included two of my favorite June traditions: Kate's Annual Ice Cream Social and strawberry picking in the Catskills. On Saturday a group of amazing women gathered at Kate's apartment in Brooklyn to sample artisanal ice creams. She gathered an awesome variety of flavors this year ranging from Grapefruit Campari Sorbet to The Munchies from Ample Hills. My favorite was Coolhaus's Balsamic, Fig, & Mascarpone. It was so delicious!

On Sunday Brian, Emily, and I drove up to Kelder's Farm in Kerhonkson, NY to pick strawberries. Our friend Eric and his daughter Heidi joined us for the day and we had a wonderful time. We stopped in New Paltz for lunch beforehand at Main Course. Our farm to table meal was excellent! I can't wait to eat fresh berries all week. We came home with four quarts full! How was your weekend?


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After seven years and close to a million "love locks," the walls of the Pont des Arts in Paris were removed last Monday. I am grateful I saw the bridge last summer before the locks were removed!

Brian and I were lucky enough to see Mumford & Sons last Tuesday in Coney Island. After seeing them four times in concert, I still have never heard them perform this song live. It will always be one of my favorites!

Bueller... Bueller... Ferris Bueller's Day Off turns 29 tomorrow. But, according to the baseball game they attended in the film, his actual day off was on June 5th, 1985

I love these 11 tip to amazing iPhone photos from Artifact Uprising.

24 pictures that will make you feel better about the world in case you are in need of a smile or a quick cry.

This list of the 12 best places to stay in the West makes me want to pack a suitcase and book a ticket immediately.


Scenes from the weekend.

My dad was in town visiting, so we had a jam-packed weekend full of New York City sights and restaurants. Brian and I took him to some of our favorite spots like Queens Comfort and The High Line, and also explored some new places together.

On Saturday we strolled through the Central Park Zoo and listened to music at Blue Note Jazzfest. That evening we had a great meal al fresco at New York Dog House- my Far East Dog was so delicious! On Sunday we drove over to Fort Tryon Park to explore The Cloisters, a branch of The Met dedicated to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. The museum space was absolutely beautiful. I especially loved the rings and rosaries downstairs near the Treasury, along with the gardens and large wooden doors throughout the space. The Cloisters had been on my summer bucket lists for a few years, so I was happy to finally make it there! I love that after twelve years in the city there are still so many new places to explore. How was your weekend?


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LATA 65 is teaching the history of street art to older citizens in Lisbon and incorporating their work into murals across the city.

I fondly remember everything on this list of the typical day of a teenage girl in the late 90's.

These dolls embrace diversity with hearing aids, birthmarks, and canes. They are working towards incorporating wheelchairs, cochlear implants, and insulin pumps!

I personally love engagement photos, but I thought this article was pretty entertaining.

Stuck in a rut? Check out these 11 TED Talks.

I have 31 more ice cream shops to try on this list of the 33 best ice cream shops in America. When in NYC enjoying scoops from Ample Hills and Morgenstern's is a must!


Scenes from the long weekend.

 photo IMG_6273_zpsvtnnas3d.jpg
I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. On Saturday we celebrated my friend Brianne's upcoming nuptials with a day of pampering and partying. We talked all things wedding as we got blowouts and manicures in the Flatiron District. Afterwards we had cocktails at Lillie's (they were all delicious!) and a great dinner at B Bar in the Lower East Side. I can't wait to celebrate with the beautiful couple at their wedding in June! 

On Sunday Brian, Emily, and I snacked on tacos in Chelsea Market before exploring The Highline. A trip to The Highline is not complete without coffees from Blue Bottle Coffee. I highly recommend the New Orleans cold brew- yum! 

On Memorial Day Brian and I watched Emily walk in the parade in Norwalk with her Girl Scout troop. Afterwards we visited a memorial in Madison Square Park and had a delicious lunch at Hillstone on Park Avenue. We started our Hillstone tradition a few years ago and always look forward to their ribs and famous French dip sandwich on Memorial Day. After telling our server about how we visit the restaurant every Memorial Day, he talked to management and treated us to our entire meal! We were so shocked by the kind gesture and truly appreciative. I am already craving another French dip!
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