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Read & Watch: 

Taxidermy renderings of Dr. Suess's fantastical beings.

This prototype is so cool!

The no-brainer purge: 20 items to get rid of right now.

Q&A: Tori Amos reflects on Boys for Pele 20 years later.

A live recording of one of my favorite songs.

I wish more zoos and venues did this!


Hello fall!

Nothing says fall like a day spent picking apples upstate! We spent the day at Wilklow Orchards stocking up on a variety of crispy, fresh apples to take back to the city. This was our fourth visit to Wilklow Orchards- their trees are always full and well cared for and they make the most AMAZING apple cider donuts! We enjoyed a bag as soon as we arrived and picked up a few more for the ride home. We also stocked up on fresh baked pies and cider. 

See more of our apple picking trips upstate: 201520132012, and 2011


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Read & Watch: 

Bees were added to the endangered species list for the first time.

Carnegie Deli will be closing at the end of the year. Hopefully we will get there one more time before December 31st.

Just take the last piece, Minnesota. I am very guilty of doing this with all shared treats in my school's office!

I can't wait for Dust and Thunder! Mumford & Sons is one of my favorite bands of all time and they are so incredible live! I watch this video constantly.

These fall outfits are all so beautiful. I envy Julia Engel's wardrobe and hair!

My living room redesign inspiration.


Scenes from the weekend.

Now that I am back at work, it's time to get back to my scenes from the weekend posts! The past several days have been wet and gray outside in New York City, so a good amount of time this weekend was spent watching romantic comedies in bed with Boo. Brian and I also had a date day at Macy's. We had a delicious lunch at Stella Trattoria (their cauliflower soup with truffles is my favorite!) and bought a new couch! I can't wait to get rid of our old, green couch and update our living room space. We are now on the hunt for a mid-century modern media console. So far the pieces from West Elm are our favorite. If you have any suggestions for places to shop please let me know.


Raspberries galore!

Two weeks ago we took a day trip upstate to one of our favorite farms to go raspberry picking. We usually visit Kelder's Farm during strawberry season, but we discovered that their raspberries are just as amazing and plentiful! We had the fields to ourselves as we picked four containers of berries to take home. After working up a sweat in the 94% humidity we cooled off at Mill House Brewing Company, a gem we discovered last year in Poughkeepsie. We have never been disappointment with our meals there! We also stopped at Westwind Orchard to pick up some treats to take home. We were too hot to try their homemade pizzas outside, but they looked delicious. Upstate adventures are my favorite! 


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

The natural wonders that aren't on your bucket list- but should be.

37 facts and things that everyone between the ages of 32 and 39 knows.

This is so beautiful.

15 pretty picturesque front porches.

I can't wait to make this recipe once the weather cools down.

These photos are magical. I dream of being as creative as Kelle Hampton!
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