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The natural wonders that aren't on your bucket list- but should be.

37 facts and things that everyone between the ages of 32 and 39 knows.

This is so beautiful.

15 pretty picturesque front porches.

I can't wait to make this recipe once the weather cools down.

These photos are magical. I dream of being as creative as Kelle Hampton!


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This DIY embroidery project is amazing! I would love to personalize a pair of jeans.

Witty, irreverent photos that satirize family living by Julie Blackmon.

A coffee shortage is looming.

Shook Twins cover Overlap by Ani Difranco.

I love this gender-neutral baby nursery from Wit & Delight.

Thank you Kelle Hampton for this post about introducing disabilities to classrooms and friends.


A little video from our honeymoon...

Here is a little video from our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos. We had so much fun using our LifeProof case while snorkeling. Although we had heard some negative reviews about the case, we did not have any issues with it while swimming and diving. We also had a LifeProof life jacket for the phone, which made me much less nervous while swimming in deep water. All underwater and biking footage was taken on my iPhone 6S. Everything else was shot using my Canon 6D. Enjoy!



Brian and I honeymooned in Turks and Caicos for six days after our Minnesota celebration. The entire vacation was a dream come true. We quickly established our island-life routine. We started our days with long, relaxing breakfasts at our hotel. We sat at the same table every morning and tried so many delicious meals throughout the week. After breakfast, we headed to the beach to snorkel. Did you know Turks and Caicos has the third largest barrier reef system in the world? We spent hours at Bight Reef and Smith's Reef (I will share more photos from our time there soon!). I had no idea how much I would love snorkeling and honestly couldn't get enough!

We relaxed on the beach in our pamper pod every afternoon and dined at a new restaurant on the beach every evening at sunset. Every single meal we had was fantastic! Brian ate locally caught fish for dinner every night and sampled a lot of conch dishes, the specialty of the island. I do not eat seafood, so I treated myself to steaks almost every meal. 

Our honeymoon included the perfect amount relaxation and adventure for both of us and we didn't want to come home! We are already dreaming of returning to Turks someday to celebrate an anniversary.


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Read & Watch: 

29 90's movies you forgot were a thing.

I am heading to the Minnesota State Fair this weekend. I can't wait to try some of the new foods- bring on the paneer on a spear! This ice cream cone also sounds so amazing.

The 16 coolest things to do in the Catskills.

Would you trust your sibling to pick out a tattoo for you?

You think it's hot now? Just wait.

Emily FitzPatrick recreated the best Babysitter's Club outfits and they totally hold up.


Our Minnesota Wedding Reception {moments}

These are the final wedding photos I will be sharing from our Minnesota brunch celebration. There were so many wonderful moments that morning with our family and friends, and our photographers Rachel and Rob captured them beautifully. Candid photos are always my favorite and I am grateful we have so many from both of our weddings! One of my top five moments from our celebration was seeing my grandparents the moment they arrived that morning; the photos of us hugging will definitely be framed somewhere in our home.
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