Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter, and delicious food!

If you are in need of a few laughs this holiday, here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving videos: 
A Thanksgiving Miracle
Whine About It: Ways to Win at Thanksgiving Dinner
Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Thanksgiving Songs


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

A new Japanese painting supply store lines its walls with 4,200 different pigments.

One of my favorite wedding videos from Bleubird, a blog I have enjoyed following for years. So beautiful.

This man built a special kayak to take his two dogs on lots of lake adventures.

This apartment, complete with a cat tunnel and curved walls, can be yours for $23.25 million.

Ha! 21 teachers who are so f-ing done.

Vive John Oliver! (watch the related video here)


Scenes from the weekend.

After one of my most difficult weeks in teaching thus far in my career, I slept most of the day away on Saturday trying to emotionally recover. On Sunday morning Brian, Emily, and I ventured to Greenpoint for breakfast at Peter Pan, one of our favorite places in all of New York City! Their old fashioned donuts are so delicious. After breakfast we drove over to DevociĆ³n in Williamsburg for pour over coffees. I had admired the space on Instagram for months and it was even more beautiful in person! The leather couches, yellow accents, and plant wall created the perfect Sunday morning atmosphere. We took our coffees to go and continued our Brooklyn adventure in Bushwick. We followed a street art map created by the art teachers at my school and saw so many amazing pieces! Our evening concluded with Shake Shack and a performance on Bargemusic. We were inside the concert for most of the sunset, but I was able to run out at intermission to sneak a quick photo while the sky was still purple. How was your weekend? 


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

I am addicted to Old NYC, an interactive website featuring photos of New York City based on location.

Of Cats and Dogs: these portraits of endangered animals from Photo Ark are stunning.

You guys, it's just a cup. And Ellen DeGeneres agrees.

I love this vintage modern Bronx loft featured on Apartment Therapy.

Alanis Morisette updated her Ironic lyrics, and they are perfect. Also, this video made me to listen to Jagged Little Pill on my morning commute.

This trick from Real Simple will help you stop worrying about work all the time.


Coney Island Adventure

Last weekend Brian, Emily, and I ventured to Coney Island for an afternoon at the aquarium. After we walked around the aquarium (which is currently getting a major makeover), we strolled along the boardwalk to Nathan's. No trip to Coney Island is complete without hotdogs and crinkle cut fries! We stopped at Gourmanoff in Brighton Beach for some Russian sweet treats after our late lunch. The apple pierogies were out of this world amazing! After trying the four we purchased I walked right back into the store and got several more to take home!


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

These knit glass sculptures are so delicate and beautiful.

I can't wait to visit the new cat cafe, Koneko, in the Lower East Side.

11 TED talks to watch with kids.

We always watch Elf on Thanksgiving night (one of my favorite traditions!). Here are 20 quotes from Elf you can use year-round.

Istanbul is at the top of my travel wish list! These photos make me want to book a ticket as soon as possible.

A candid interview with Adele on her family, fame, and success with 21.


Read & Watch

Read & Watch: 

10 Instagram worthy breakfasts that still taste good. I can't wait to try the buttermilk pancakes with roasted pears and berries! 

I would love to see these three movies you must see in November. Hopefully we can make it to the movies for a date night soon! 

These fall salads look so delicious! 

I am watching The Voice for the first time and am loving it! I can't wait to see the top 20 perform in the live playoffs

23 words on Friends fans will really understand

I loved this story about the "grandma in the window" in Arlington, Washington. "Always treat people with kindness, and always treat people with compassion." 


Scenes from the weekend.

My mom arrived on Friday for a quick weekend visit. The highlight of the weekend was the ballet on Friday night at Lincoln Center. We were in awe of Misty Copeland! We saw three pieces and all were absolutely beautiful. On Saturday we spent the day walking around Union Square and the West Village. We watched the kids' Halloween parade march around Washington Square Park before picking up our own Halloween treats at Sockerbit. That night we had dinner in Astoria at Seva, my new favorite Indian restaurant! The food and service were both phenomenal. On Sunday we had brunch at Queens Comfort before heading into Manhattan to cheer on the marathon runners at mile 25. We saw Stanley Biwott run by, who clocked in the best overall time at two hours ten minutes. We ended up standing on the sidelines for almost an hour clapping and screaming for the runners as they sped by. I absolutely love the marathon! While some are addicted to running them, I am addicting to watching and cheering at them! It is always one of my favorite fall weekends in New York City. How was your weekend?
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