When we are together in Florida...

...we swim. 
We spend a lot of time in the pool splashing, swimming, giggling, and speeding down water slides. Reese and Sage are little fish and love being in the water. And I just love being with them!
...we shop. 
My sister and I shop... a lot. We both love finding the best deals and picking out new clothes for the girls. And without fail, pictures will be taken while at the mall.
... we play. 
Reese and Sage are each other's best friends. They play, and play, and play. Giggles can be heard throughout the house from the moment they wake up. Puzzles, stickers, coloring books, dolls, dishes, food, and beads can usually be found scattered around their playroom on a daily basis. This week, they were busy preparing for their mom's birthday party (her real birthday is over a month away). Cards were made, cakes were decorated, and cupcakes and ice cream were served on plastic plates to imaginary guests.
... we dance. 
I started taking dance classes in first grade, and danced all the way up until college. Dance was my life. And I am so excited that Reese and Sage are now both in dance. I could not be more proud of my little dancers! Sage has her first class later this week, and Reese had her first jazz class of the season while I was visiting. I mean, could these little girls be any cuter in their leotards and tutus?
When we are together in Florida... we are so happy. 
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  1. How lovely! :) They are so cute!


    I have added cool emoticons to this message.
    To see them go to http://x.exps.me?242efd6000c860f6255777619bd93f58

  2. first of all, this could be a children's story book.
    second of all, they are adorable.
    third of all, love the photos :)


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