Monthly Update: Greta at 10 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 10 Months

Eating: Greta impresses us every day with her adventurous eating. It seems the spicier and more flavorful the food, the better! She loves her Super Greens veggie burgers, eggs, pulled pork, and... pickles! When I handed her a pickle at the diner one night I did not anticipate her loving it! Thankfully she also eats purees again, so we are able to pack pouches when we are on the go. Greta still only has her two bottom teeth, but she is able to gum and chew just about anything.

Sleeping: Greta consistently sleeps through the night! She typically falls asleep around 7:15 pm and wakes up while I am getting ready for work around 5:30 am. We keep a night light on for her every night in her room. She does not use a sound machine and thankfully sleeps through the loud street noise outside her window.

Doing: Greta loves our cat, Boo! She chases her all around our house trying to pet her. She also learned how to say kitty (or her version of the word) this month!

Latest Milestones: This month Greta perfected blowing kisses! She also loves to wave and point all the time.

Favorite Things: Sid the Science Kid! Greta watches this show every morning while Brian gets ready for work. She is obsessed with it! As soon as she sees Sid she starts jumping and dancing in her activity table. She also loves dancing and clapping to Baby Shark, a song she hears at daycare every day.

Best Adventures: Greta and I had an unexpected snow day together on March 21st. We ventured out for coffee and spent the rest of the day inside playing and napping. We also attended Emily's musical this month. Greta stayed awake for the entire show and loved watching the singing and dancing!

Greta also took her first trip to the E.R. It was not a great adventure, but an adventure all the same. She had a double ear infection and a high fever that lingered around 103 with Tylenol for several days. Once her temperature reached 104.7 and her breathing changed we decided it was time to go to the hospital. Thankfully she only had a virus and was back to her normal, smily self a few days later.

Our Family: Greta spent her first Easter in Minnesota at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She loved opening her Easter basket with her cousins and visiting her Great Great Aunt Mary and great grandparents.

Favorite Part About This Age: I love watching Greta play with her toys! She is constantly picking up her rings, shapes, and other teething toys. She also loves dancing! She is such a happy baby and we love everything about her.

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