Monthly Update: Greta at 6 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 6 Months

Eating: Greta is still exclusively breastfed. Unlike most babies, she does not like to nurse before bed. I am not sure if it is because my supply is lower by this time of day or if it is just too much work for her, but she often cries after latching for a minute or two. We give her a 5-6 ounce bottle before bed every evening before she falls asleep. At the very end of the month we introduced infant cereal. We are excited to explore lots of new foods in her seventh month!

Sleeping: After five and a half months in our bedroom, Greta transitioned to her crib this month! She was much too tall for her Nuna SENA Mini Aire and started to wake herself up several times a night as she hit the sides. I also think being so close to us was causing her to wake up as well. She took to her crib right away and is sleeping much more soundly. I had a very hard time with the transition and slept in her room with her the first few nights. I turned out I was the only one who needed to "cry it out" during her crib sleep training!

Doing: Greta loves grabbing our faces. She always touches our cheeks and noses when we cuddle with her. She also is an expert at giving slobbery, open mouth kisses- we are still working on that one! We are practicing sitting up every day. Greta constantly talks and screams while she plays and loves to smile.

Latest Milestones: Greta is starting to say a couple consonant sounds. She often babbles "ba, ba, ba" and we are constantly encouraging her to say mama and dada. At the beginning of December Greta started rocking back onto her knees during tummy time. She looks like she is about to take off crawling all the time!

Favorite Things: Greta loves her activity table and plays for hours every day. She also really likes listening to books. We have a few Christmas books that we read every day together.

Best Adventures: Greta took in all of the Christmas sights with Grandma while she was visiting the first week of December. She LOVED looking at all of the lights on the Christmas trees in Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park. She also met Santa at Macy's on 34th Street.

Our Family: We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. Emily and I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Greta while Brian cooked away in the kitchen. I have never felt more thankful for all of the love and joy in my life.

Favorite Part About This Age: What is there not to like? I love watching her learn new things every single day. She has so much fun playing with her toys and is curious about everything! I also still cannot get enough of her little laugh.

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