Monthly Update: Greta at 9 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 9 Months

Eating: Greta is an amazing eater! As soon as her first two teeth popped through in the middle of February she decided that she was done eating purees and cereals. We immediately started experimenting with a variety of solid foods and discovered that she will eat just about anything! She loves eating eggs, peas, waffles, strawberries, Cheerios, and mangos. Oddly, the only thing she refuses is bananas. It seems to be a texture issue; she loved banana purees so we know it is not the taste!

Sleeping: Greta is waking up less often to nurse in the middle of the night. She manages to move around a lot in her crib while sleeping and often ends up in a very different position from where she started. We moved her crib down to the lowest setting this month the weekend she stood for the first time. I may have cried a little thinking about how fast she is growing as Brian lowered her mattress...

Doing: Greta waves at everyone she sees. She is a very friendly girl! She also is an expert on FaceTime these days. As soon as her grandma answers she smiles, waves, and tries to touch her on the screen. Lately all Greta wants to do is play on her floor mat. She can occupy herself in her activity table in the early mornings, but by the time we pick her up from daycare she doesn't last for long in it. She likes to clap her toys together and crawl around with a toy in each hand.

Latest Milestones: Greta learned how to stand up this month! For a few weeks she was standing against her activity walker, which was folded down on the floor. She pulled herself up for the first time in her crib and again on her activity table the following day. Now she is constantly pulling herself up on our coffee table, media console, and activity table.

Favorite Things: Our kitty, Boo! Greta loves our cat even though she does not reciprocate any of her feelings! The second she sees her she waves, talks, and tries crawling toward her. She has attempted to pet her a few times, but Boo usually runs away before she can really feel her fur. She knows the word kitty and looks for Boo by her food dish whenever we say it.

Best Adventures: Grandma came to visit us during my February break. We took Greta to the Central Park Zoo for the first time. The weather was unseasonably warm that day with temperatures in the high seventies, so we got to watch all of the animals while wearing t-shirts! Greta loved the red pandas.

Our Family: Greta loves every second spent with her daddy and big sister. She smiles every morning when we wake Brian up and often waves to the photos of Emily in our living room. When Emily is with us on the weekends the girls spent a lot of time playing together.

Favorite Part About This Age: What's not to love? I love watching Greta learn new things every day. She is constantly observing the world around her and is so curious about everything. I also love tickling her and making her laugh. It is one of my favorite sounds in the world!

I am only nursing Greta in the morning and evening now, and cherish these moments with her every day. I love settling in with her on the couch at night and holding her after she eats until she falls asleep.

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