30th Anniversary of Post-Its

Large post-it mural in Vanderbilt Hall.

As most of you know, I have quite a case of OCD. Things in my life need to be organized! I love label makers and The Container Store. And as a second grade teacher, I find myself constantly using post-it notes in my classroom to keep myself and my kids on track. So, as I entered Grand Central Station this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to walk by the largest billboard completely made of post-it notes in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Post-it brand. I later learned that over 100,000 notes were used to make the 3,700 lb. mural. Crazy! The mural says, "In 30 years I will..." Children were asked to create pieces using post-its that displayed their representation of that phrase. In addition to the kids' pieces, there were portraits created with push pins. Who knew office supplies could be so beautiful?!?!

A closer view of the large mural. I love the colors!

One of my favorite kid made pieces, minus the L in SMALLEST.

Push pin portrait
Push pin portrait

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