Goodbye Summer

The day is finally here: my last day of summer before heading back to work for another year of teaching. And what an amazing summer it was. So many memories: a week in Maine with Brian and Emily, North Conway, Bo's wedding, PRK surgery and 20/20 vision (after weeks of blurry vision), Chad and Jamie's wedding, many days spent poolside, corn dogs in my parents' backyard, dinner dates, Bronx Zoo... man, does it really have to be over already?

After two days at the beach, I decided to spend my last day of summer around Astoria. After a lazy morning with iced coffee and a book, I met Brian for lunch at Leng on Broadway. Yum. I love the restaurant and the food more every time I go there, and it is even better with such good company.

After lunch we walked over to Omonia for frappe and a piece of fried dough. 
I slowly sipped my frappe as I got a mani/pedi, and then headed to the Gap to take advantage of the Friends and Family sale for some back to school clothes. I found a dress that will be perfect for the fall, and will transition into winter with a pair of tights, a cardigan, and my Fryes. Isn't it wonderful that I will forever have the excuse of "back to school clothes" for my August shopping excursions?! I think so. 

I can't believe I am already going back to work. It seems like just yesterday Allison and I were packing up our room, cleaning out book bins, sweeping coat closets, and rolling up rugs. And tomorrow I will undo all of that with my new co-teacher, and spend hours arranging and re-arranging furniture until the room is just right. During the weeks leading up to the first day of school, I am both excited and anxious about all that is to come. I am excited to see all of the new supplies I ordered and to label everything for my 25 new second graders. I am excited to meet the kids and get to know them and their families over the first few weeks. I am excited to collaborate with my colleagues and meet the new staff. And at the same time, I always have this weird anxiety before the kids arrive that I have forgotten all that I know about teaching and that I won't succeed. Luckily, that feeling goes away very quickly once I get back into the swing of things. But best of all, and most importantly, I am reminded in the first few weeks back at school how much I love my job and where I work. I love being pushed to try new things and driven to try my best every day in order to support my kids. I feel blessed to have found something I love to do. So, as sad as I am to see summer go, I am excited for what is to come over the next ten months. And before I know it, the long, relaxing summer days will be here again. So, goodbye summer, hello Community Roots. Nice to see you again.

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