Twelve dates of Christmas: On our first date of Christmas...

... we ordered in our favorite Great-grandma pie from Napoli Pizza and watched Friends. Our pizza date nights will always be cherished. We both look forward to them every week! 
I mean seriously, how delicious does that pie look? Napoli, thank you for hundreds of delicious pizzas. 

Brian and I are so excited to continue our tradition of the 12 dates of Christmas. Stay tuned for eleven more fun dates this month! Any fun holiday date night suggestions? Let me know and you might see it featured in a future post! 


  1. aw that's such a cute idea. that pizza looks amazing btw.

  2. Tonight our date is Christmas cookies and Christmas music.... all with Ellie, too, because we're getting a babysitter TWICE next weekend!

  3. hat pizza looks absolutely incredible. mmmmm. What a great idea with 12 dates of christmas :)

  4. OK, your twelve dates of Christmas is a fantastic idea and what better way to kick this off than enjoying a nice, fresh pie of Grandma pizza! I love it! Tommy and I love, love, love to go Christmas light looking when we have the car and find ourselves in the suburbs! Through the years, I've mapped out quite a few show-stopping homes that dazzle, entertain and disgust me! LOL

  5. I LOVE your 12 Dates of Christmas idea - so cute! And holy crap, that pizza looks amazing!


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