Busy day, followed by Zen.

Another busy day. I vacuumed the whole apartment, including all of the floor moldings, watched The Little Mermaid with Brian and Emily over a lunch of leftovers, did two loads of laundry, and made it to the gym before it closed early for the holiday. Most challenging task of the day was the laundry. Now, when I go home to Minnesota or to my sister's house, I will do laundry all day, everyday. I love it. But in New York City, it is a different story. Thankfully, today Brian helped me carry one of my laundry bags the block to the laundromat. That walk, with bags stuffed with clothes, detergent, and fabric softener in tow,  just never gets easier. After putting in my two loads, I walked to Rite Aid and made it back in time to put one load in the dryer and carry a full bag of line dry clothes back to my apartment. So much heavier when wet! After strategically hanging two weeks worth of clothes on my drying rack and on various door handles and towel rods around my apartment, I headed back to pick up my second load. Then I made my final trip back to the apartment and up my four flights of stairs to fold. Oh, how I dream of a future apartment with a washer and dryer. Fingers crossed.

All of my usual Sunday chores made me cherish my relaxing evening at home. After eating dinner while making my way through the sixth season of Sex and the City, I decided to bake Judy Stone's banana muffins. I love how a food can hold so many memories. Catie and I used to devour pans of Judy's fresh banana muffins every time we went to Russ' house after school. I finally asked for the recipe during high school, and would surprise Catie at work with them from time to time. They have always been one of our favorites; I wish she was closer so we could catch up, hang out, and enjoy them together. But for tonight, a text message and picture had to do. Then, I brewed a cup of Zen tea and returned to The Girl Who Played with Fire. And to think I have another day off tomorrow, with a beautiful forecast and plans with Lindsey. I am happy. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

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  1. Do the muffins taste like banana bread?? if so, send that recipe my way :)


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