Flash Me Friday... on Wednesday. My Extra Room.

As I said before, I have no extra rooms in my apartment. So, I have decided that my "extra room" is a room I actually spend most of my time in: my classroom. I have worked at Community Roots Charter School for three years and have really made my classroom my own. Our school has two classes per grade, with grades K-5. Each room has two teachers, one certified in general education and one in special education, who work together using various teaching models throughout the day. I absolutely love it. Many times, we will split the class in half or thirds and teach in "stations." For example, half of the class might work with one teacher on writing, while the other half work on math with the other teacher. It is an amazing way to work with smaller groups of children and give them the individualized attention the need and deserve. My first two years at CRCS, I worked with my friend Allison. We started at the school at the same time and set up our classroom together. This year, I am working with a new co-teacher named Anne. We worked together to set up our space, and I have to say, I love it. We have two rugs for our station teaching, a new bench and dramatic play area, and plenty of visuals to help our little second graders out. I can't wait for another fantastic school year and to work with Anne!
Lots of games, puzzles, and supplies. 
Half of our classroom library; we are very lucky to have an abundance of books!
A view from our doorway. 
Another section of our library. 

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