Flash Me Friday- What's Around You

Sorry, this is coming on Saturday morning because I fell asleep last night at 9:30! I guess that is what the first week of school can do to a person...

So, this week's flash me Friday is what is around you. I am branching out from my apartment and posting something that is around NYC this week. On Thursday night, three tornados passed through Brooklyn and Queens. The first tornado touched down in Park Slope, which is near my school in nearby Fort Greene. I was at work at the time and saw massive winds, trees down, and lots of hail. Then, the storm went up to Queens and two more tornados touched down in Flushing and Forest Hills. The most powerful storm was in Forest Hills, and left thousands without power. After growing up in Minnesota, I am used to tornados and the warning sirens sounding throughout the warmer months. But in NYC, this was foreign territory. There were no warning sirens and no news reports telling residents to head to the basements. At school, we didn't even have a TV we could turn on and tune into! Tornadoes rarely happen here, and it is a surreal experience to watch the news reports and see all of the damage the storms caused. Hopefully people will get power back soon and the clean-up process will begin around the two boroughs.
The path of the storm. 
Roofs pulled completely off apartment buildings.
Damage on my walk from school to the subway station. 

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