10-10-10... as if the date itself wasn't awesome already.

So, this day was destined to be awesome based on the simple fact that for 24 hours, we all got to write/type 10-10-10 on whatever we wanted. But, to make it even better, today I went to B&H and finally got a digital SLR camera. I felt like it was Christmas as I carried my shopping bag full of lenses, filters, memory cards, and my new Rebel. And, although the features and options on my new little baby are a bit overwhelming and daunting, I am still over the moon excited. Like, talking to myself and doing little dances around my apartment excited. Until I have more time to wander the city, attempting to capture why I love it so much, a few pictures of my other little baby, Boo, will have to do. I am so happy to have a new camera!

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  1. Congrats! You are going to love it - best investment ever!


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