Beautiful Weekend, oh how I love you.

There are so many adjectives I could use to describe this weekend. Beautiful. Refreshing. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Wonderful. Warm. Splendid. And yet no word really does the weekend I had justice. Time slowly crawled by, and Brian and I tried to enjoy every stinking minute of it. We shopped, we ate, we played, we snuggled up in blankets and sweats as we watched the Patriots, we cooked, we cleaned, and we ordered in. And it was all perfect. It is rare for us to have an entire weekend together with no real plans. So, we decided to fill our two days with some of our favorite activities and all of the fall things that we love. On Saturday afternoon we traveled to the Union Square farmer's market to stock up on fresh produce, some apples from the local orchards, and organic, grass fed, farm raised beef. The market was packed with people sipping hot cider as they browsed the seasonal offerings from local farms. The stands overflowed with gourds, mums, roots, and fresh baked goods. Brian was beyond excited to shop for ingredients to make chili, and I was equally excited to trail behind him taking pictures of all we saw. The colors of the market made me so happy; the deep red radishes, the brightly colored wool, the orange pumpkins, and the vibrant green peppers. We spent hours at the market stocking up on ingredients and taking in all there was to see.
The sweet potato was smiling at us. 
Dandelion greens, wheat grass, apples, and my trusty Bensimons. 

When we got home, we warmed up some homemade chicken noodle soup, sliced up fresh bread from the market, and settled in to watch the Bruins game on TV. It was fun to get to watch the Bruins on TV, even if they didn't win.

After the game, Brian made me some hot chocolate and we settled in to play a game of Scrabble. Pretty much my ideal date night. My hot chocolate tasted like how I imagined Willy Wonka's chocolate river tastes, and I loved every sip of it. After our game, I fell asleep on the couch listening to Guster and managed to get myself into bed a couple hours later.
Kind of a challenging rack of tiles considering you need vowels to make words... that little s on the end saved me. 
Boo finally is sleeping on the couch by us... it only took her three years to make the leap from floor to couch!
Sunday morning definitely lived up to my lazy Sunday expectations. After sleeping in late, I slowly sipped my Yukon blend coffee as I finished reading a few US Weekly and Lucky magazines. I scrubbed my apartment while blasting Brett Dennen and Mumford & Sons, as Brian sat with the laundry at the laundromat. Already a great day, right? But it gets better. Because next we ordered in Mexican food and watched football. The apartment smelled of fresh linen candles as the fall breeze blew through all of the open windows. As I slept curled up on my bed, wrapped in a fleece robe and slipper socks, Brian went to the grocery store and collected the final ingredients for his chili and my cupcakes. And then we cooked.
One of the craziest, and most delicious, carrots we have ever seen. Courtesy of the Union Square Greenmarket. 
Like I said, the weekend was refreshing. It was splendid. It was everything a girl could ask for. Oh how I love you, beautiful weekend.

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