What I love about fall...

There are signs of fall everywhere, and I am loving it. This weekend was beautiful in New York City and everyone was out and about enjoying the sunny, fall weather. And I was right there with them. On Saturday, I spent the morning slowly sipping coffee and catching up on my weekly shows. After a trip to the gym, I bundled up in my favorite flannel shirt, ultra-soft brown leather jacket, and Uggs and headed to SoHo. After running my errands, I spent a few hours just walking around downtown snapping pictures and window shopping. My life gets so hectic here, I sometimes don't have time to really look around and admire how amazing the city is. On Saturday, I had time to not only look around, but to look up and admire the architecture and colors SoHo has to offer. And it was wonderful.
Sunday morning I woke up early and headed to Brooklyn to catch up with Joanna, Jen, and Max. We had brunch at Joanna's and got to meet her new cat Franny Darcy, who is so cute and a bit entitled when it comes to the couch.  It had been a few months since we had caught up, and it was great to see them all. Max is turning one a week from today; it is crazy how time flies! To think that it was already over a year ago that Joanna and I were throwing Jen her baby shower and anxiously awaiting his arrival!
In addition to my favorite fall clothes, lazy mornings sipping hot coffee, and brunches with friends, here are a few more reasons why I love fall...

1. My nail polish switches from colors like Pamplona Purple, Bachelorette Bash, and Miami Beet to Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy, and Ski Teal We Drop.

2. In addition to a dozen roses for $10, delis now offer pumpkins, gourds, and festive fall flowers.
3. My apartment is finally cooled off enough to start baking again. I love baking. I love collecting the ingredients, I love mixing the batter, I love smelling the sweet aroma of cookies or cake fill my apartment, and I love sharing my treats with my friends and co-workers.
4. Mulling spice. Apple cider. A good book. Enough said.


  1. Do you like Chi Tea? I am in love with Trader Joe's chai tea, you can make it hot or cold!

  2. I'm currently wearing Lincoln Park After Dark :)


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