Good Old Fashion Fun

Today was a blast. Start to finish, it was full of good old fashion fun. Brian, Emily, and I left a little after noon to go to Brooklyn Bowl in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Brian and I have had some fun dates here, but this was the first time we took Emily to family bowl. Emily and I wandered around and checked things out as Brian ordered our shoes and reserved our lane.
We laced up our red, white, and blue shoes, collected bowling balls, and settled into lane 14. Brian helped Emily figure out how to roll, push, and launch her six-pound ball down our lane. Even when she used all of her strength, her lime green ball slowly crawled down the lane bouncing off the bumpers each turn she took. But she loved it. She smiled, cheered, and gave us hugs and high fives with every pin that fell. We traded off helping her get her ball moving, and by the end of our bowling marathon, she was sprinting up to the lane and chucking her ball all by herself. We chowed down on rock and roll fries, chicken, and hummus as we watched each other bowl. Our games flew by and before we knew it, we had bowled for two hours.
After our bowling shoes were returned and the last few cheese covered fries were consumed, we bundled up and walked to our next destination: Peter Pan Bakery. As we walked towards Manhattan Avenue, Brian quickly realized he needed ear muffs or a hat as the cold wind pushed us forward. I offered him my hat and put it on him. He felt better and continued to walk, not knowing what he looked like in my white knit hat with flecks of gold sparkle. Meanwhile, all I could think about as I looked at him was the scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark gets locked up in the attic and bundles up in old clothes. Hello, Brian Griswold. Once he saw his reflection in a car window, the hat came off and returned to my head.
After several chilly blocks, we made it to Peter Pan. Brian and I have been there many times, but I still get excited every time I get my first glimpse of the trays of donuts through the front windows. Emily was equally excited as she spotted the sprinkle and frosting covered treats.
We took our seats at the counter, ordered hot coffee, and each picked out a donut. I chose one of my favorites, a red velvet cruller, Brian got his favorite toasted coconut, and Emily had a chocolate frosted with sprinkles. We slowly sipped our coffees, shared our donuts, and watched Emily's sugar rush come on as her donut disappeared.
We refilled our coffee cups before we hit the road, hopped on a bus to Long Island City, and then took the train back to my apartment. We finished the day by watching a movie, playing with Boo, and reading some books together.

It was a perfect day- hanging out with my favorite people, doing some of my favorite things, and eating my favorite foods. We definitely had loads of good old fashion fun. And we loved every stinkin minute of it.


  1. I must have a donut NOW.

    That bowling alley is so cool! The ones around here are charming, in a 70s way, but definitely not cool.

  2. You and your family are ADORABLE! Love bowling!!

  3. Thanks Jill! And thank you for checking out my blog! If you are still in NYC, I highly recommend checking out Brooklyn Bowl- it is so fun, and the food there is amazing. I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog :)


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