I can almost taste the turkey...

The final Thanksgiving countdown is here, and we are hours away from the parade, cooking, board games, and some serious eating. And, more important than any of that, being incredibly grateful for all that we have. I am eagerly awaiting the holiday tomorrow.
This afternoon, I got to work in the kitchen baking the desserts for tomorrow's meal. The pumpkin pie looks delicious and the pecan pie looks a little burnt (fingers crossed the inside tastes alright), but that's okay. I have some back-up chocolate chip cookies just in case. I have to admit, I opted for the pre-made pie crusts this year. I feel like I am seriously cheating by not mixing flour, Crisco, and ice cold water like my Grandma Carter taught me when I was a little girl. But, let's face it, I don't even have enough counter space in my kitchen to roll out dough without having to move every appliance I own. Maybe next year I will be able to make a true, 100% homemade pie. In the meantime, homemade fillings will have to do. There is still a lot of love in those pies, even if a little bit of that love is from Pillsbury.
While I baked, sang to my favorite songs, I danced by myself in my apartment with my Ipod blasting, my little hunter sat at the window chattering away at pigeons. She is such a good little companion to have around the apartment. I am thankful for Boo.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! Best of luck in the kitchen; don't leave your pies in the oven too long! (said the girl with the burnt pecan pie...)

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  1. Sounds like a great pre-Thanksgiving prep day! I had a very similar one myself (that I plan on blogging about later, of course). Happy Thanksgiving!


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