Love and Blues

Date night lived up to all expectations. Exceeded them, really. We walked into Hill Country BBQ right on time for our 8:30 dinner reservation, and instantly smelled smoked meat and felt the warmth of the cozy Texas-style restaurant.

We were seated downstairs, right off to the side of the stage. We decided to go out to Hill Country because our favorite local blues band, The Chris Bergson Band, was playing from 8:30-11:30. BBQ and free live music? Yep, sign us up. We originally met and started listening to Chris and his band play back at the Redeye Grill, where both Brian and I used to work. We were always so excited when he was scheduled to play, and I remember actually trying to delay being cut so I could stay behind the bar listening. And for those of you that know me, I rarely tried to stay at work after long nights bartending. Anyway, Brian said hi to Chris right when we got downstairs last night and he remembered us and spent a few minutes chatting with us. The band started their first set as Brian went upstairs to wait in line for the food. He came back several minutes later with a few pounds of ribs, brisket, and sausage wrapped in brown paper with white bread, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and creamy corn. Um... yum. I have never been to Texas before, but I like what they are doing down there as far as food goes. We slowly enjoyed our feast as we listened to some amazing music. After the first set, it was time for dessert. Our choices- german chocolate cupcake and banana cream pudding. The pudding was phenomenal, and I have been craving more all day today. I might need to attempt to make some soon... we enjoyed our desserts and stayed for most of the second set before hailing a cab and heading home.
It was so nice to have time for a date in the middle of the week. Every week, I fall into this pattern of working way too late every night, coming home, putting sweats on within minutes of walking in the door, and sometimes miraculously making it to the gym. But rarely do I allow myself to leave unfinished work until the following day, walk out with the kids (well, almost with the kids. Let's face it, there are always a few things to do before locking up the classroom for the day...), get primped, and go out with Brian. I am so glad we both still make time for dates and truly enjoy them. I think I would enjoy spending time together regardless of location or event, but getting to enjoy great food and live music is a nice bonus. So, cheers to love, Texas BBQ, and blues. You made my week.

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  1. YUMMMM!!!

    BTW, my mac and cheese in the crockpot worked! I'll post a recipe soon ;)


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