Guilty pleasures.

I am back for another week of Vlogging Vednesdays. This week's theme is guilty pleasures... I apologize in advance for my lack of wit and humor, which equates in my vlog to a pretty straight forward list of Plain Jane guilty pleasures. But, it's what I am working with, so I rolled with it.

Before you watch, scroll down to the bottom of my blog and pause my playlist so you don't have to attempt to listen to two things at once. That's never fun.

Here are some other things that made it onto my list, but not into the vlog: Target shopping trips (you know the ones where you walk in for mascara and leave with $200 worth of stuff?), Havianna flip flops, scarves, chocolate, and playing Mindsweeper. My list screamed that I might have a crazy sweet tooth and a bit of shopping problem... oh well, that's why they are guilty pleasures right?!

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Vloggin' Vednesdays


  1. I tried to watch but it said it was private :/

  2. Sorry about that! Still getting used to youtube and I overset my privacy settings...

  3. So funny! Sometimes I bake just to eat the batter but at least I know someone else does that too! Also the fact that you made a list makes me so happy. Making and crossing off lists is one of my favorite things ever. Cute blog, look forward to following.

  4. you are definitely not the only one out there! your guilty pleasures are mine too: reality TV, sweet treats and US weekly!

  5. You're too cute! I feel ya on eating the batter when your baking. That's the best part!! Ha ha. Oh, and shopping trips to target... ya, I'm guilty too. I can't go in there without spending at least $75. It's ridiculous!


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