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After catching up on many of my favorite blog reads this morning, I realized that blogging has now expanded into vlogging. The writers that I feel so connected to through their words now have a voice and a face through their video blog posts. I am tempted to join the vlogging trend and might try out a video post over the next week.

What is another way to get to know the person behind the blog a little better? See their handwriting. Mandy, creator of A Sorta Fairytale, posted a handwriting link-up earlier this week. I will be continuing the handwriting post by answering the same questions she did. Here it goes...

1. What's your name and your blog's name?
2. What's your blog's URL?
3. Write, "A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!"
4. What is your favorite quote?
5. What is your favorite song?
6. What are your favorite bands and singers?
7. Anything else you want to include?
8. Tag people. 

Even though I only tagged Molly, Kimberly, and Carly, anyone can do the handwriting link-up. So get writing; it's fun! 

Also, if you are reading my blog regularly, let me know by following me! I have really enjoyed creating my blog and connecting with others over the past several months, and would love to see who is checking New York State of Mind out. Also, grab my button and spread the blog love! Thanks everyone and happy weekending!


  1. Thanks for tagging me! Fun idea! I love watching "vlog" but would be so nervous to do one! ha.

  2. I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting on this, but I love your handwriting!!! It's so pretty and girly :)
    Thanks for joining in! Oh - and you should totally do a vlog!


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