Happy Saturday, Bugsy!

Last Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early for another day of sight seeing with my family. As always, I clicked off my Iphone alarm and did the quick email and text check. And then I read this text from my sister...
(Insert Debbie Downer Whaah Whaah sound here.)

I live in the city, work in a public school, and have never seen a bed bug. And somehow, my family managed to not only see one, but catch one, within 48 hours of being in the city. What a hot mess.  Here is how it all went down... 

Friday night, we headed back home/to the hotel early to catch up on sleep and relax before the busy weekend. As Chad, Jamie, and Katie slept, Corey lay awake on his Iphone when all of a sudden a little bug scurried through the small patch of light from his screen. He managed to catch it, and then proceeded to google bed bugs and compare images to his new creepy crawly friend. After determining that it was in fact a bed bug, he woke up Chad and Katie and they had an emergency meeting in the bathroom as Jamie slept soundly. They tried to figure out a way to change rooms without actually having to tell Jamie about the bed bug, now named Bugsy, but failed. So they woke her up, informed her about the bug, and they all headed downstairs to complain and relocate. Their early night turned into a rather late one and little sleep was had. Needless to say, they took their time getting ready the next morning and had a serious chat with management at the hotel. We met up around 10 and headed to Long Island City. Destination: 5 Pointz. I felt like it was something they just had to see. 
After walking around the old warehouse and snapping some pictures, we hopped on the G train and headed to Green Point to... Peter Pan of course!
Honey dip, toasted coconut, red velvet, Boston creme, chocolate sprinkle, and sour cream. Heaven.
We picked up a half dozen donuts and walked around the corner to Cup to grab coffee. We sat outside in the warm sun (which was so amazing after two days of rain!) and enjoyed our tasty treats.
Donuts consumed Lady and the Tramp style. So romantic.
From there we got back on the G and went to the opening weekend of Brooklyn Flea, the best flea market/food fair/art fair in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We wandered and browsed the fresh flowers, vintage sunglasses, thrift finds, and jewelry. My Brooklyn Flea wish list is now quite lengthy...
We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant, and then headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. I recently started my Brooklyn Bridge study with my second graders, so I was eager to give a little tour as we crossed from Tower One to Tower Two, enjoying the views of two of New York City's amazing boroughs.
The construction and story behind this bridge is extraordinary. Walking across it will never get old for me.
Next, we walked to Ground Zero and St. Paul's Chapel. I am brought to tears every time I walk through this church thinking of the fire fighters, police officers, medical professionals, and construction workers who selflessly worked in the aftermath of 9/11. I am still amazed that the church survived the attacks without as much as a window broken.
We also walked through Trinity Church, another beautiful structure.
And Wall Street.

After our tour of downtown, we traveled a few stops uptown for a much needed afternoon snack. I mean, you have to try Gray's Papaya hot dogs when in NYC.
Chad was pretty pumped to try the Recession Special.
We wandered around the village for a bit and then met up with Lindsey. We were relieved to sit and sip coffee at Pasticceria Rocco. Oh, and we might have ordered a slice of Rocco Choco pie, packed with chocolate, brownies, and Snickers. Did I mention I have a bit of a sweet tooth?
So, there is Saturday. Perfect NYC day. Sunday soon to come! 


  1. that picture of the bridge is amazing!

  2. I think the walking the Brooklyn Bridge may have been my favorite part of my trip!!


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