Union and Reunion

My weekend in Minnesota flew by. By the time I really settled in, it was already time to repack my carry-on and head back to the airport.
But, I managed to pack in so much during my day and a half home. From the second I landed until the time I left, I was surrounded by loved ones. And there is really nothing better than that. Here is a glimpse into my jam-packed weekend...

Bacon Pancakes
After meeting baby Ozzy Saturday morning, my family and I went to the Original Pancake House (not to be confused with the International House of Pancakes, which is just not the same). We caught up over strawberry pancakes, oversized omelets, cherry crepes, bottomless cups of coffee, and my personal favorite, bacon pancakes. Pancakes full of real bacon bits, cooked until perfectly golden brown? Yes please. My grandparents joined us, which was really nice. Even though it was only for an hour of so, it was really nice to be together warmed by good food and good company despite the frigid, rainy morning Minnesota temperatures. 

Saturday afternoon my little brother Cody went to his girlfriend’s senior prom. He came home from college for the weekend and was really excited to get to go with Emma. He looked so handsome in his white tux, and so grown up. It is hard to believe that my youngest brothers (Cody and Duncan are twins) are already in college. I was glad I got to see him all dressed up before he left for the night.
A Union
That evening some of my girlfriends and I attended our friend Coley’s wedding. She was a stunning bride. Every time I looked at her, she was smiling from ear to ear, as was her husband, John. They were the picture of blissful love. 
They lived up their first dance as husband and wife.
We enjoyed a cupcake after dinner (or maybe a couple cupcakes)...
And had a great time catching up with old friends. 
It was great to get to chat and dance the night away with friends that I spent so many fun times with in junior high and high school. And, most importantly, to toast the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness. 

A Reunion
Sunday morning I invited my friends from high school over for brunch, some of whom I had not seen in years. After we lost a friend a few weeks ago, it just felt right to come together and catch up. I think Brandon was in all of our thoughts that morning. We talked about our jobs, relationships, kids, and homes. And, most importantly, we paged through my photo albums from way back and reminisced about all of the crazy times we had together. 
Our group of friends is growing...
And those babies could not be any cuter!
Our mini-reunion was a perfect way to cap off a great weekend. 


  1. Such fun!! Your little brother looks slick in his white tux! And your friends wedding dress was stunning!!!

  2. It sounds so fun!! I agree, the wedding dress is amazing! Aww and your brother looked so cute!!

    Bacon pancakes sound great, have you tried cheese and potato pancakes with bacon? Worth dying for..

  3. Thank you so much for inviting us over for brunch, it was good seeing everyone outside of facebook :) the food was super good (I want the recipe for both the french toast bake AND the hashbrowns please!) and I'd also like to point out that I appear to be either pooping in my drawers OR just buckling under the weight of my fat child in the group photo....

  4. bacon pancakes?! BACON PANCAKES?! ummm if i ate meat...

    ps: the song below? heaven.

  5. Looks like such a good weekend. I am such a cheese but I love weddings. Well, engagements, weddings, proms, babies, puppies and all things girlie. When did I become that girl.


  6. Elena, I am that girl too! I love everything about events. Weddings are the best.

  7. wow- you were busy, so much fun! and bacon pancakes? oh mee gee, i must try them. a little something you don't know about me--i love bacon. like a lot.

    oh to be young and going to prom. i kind of wish they had an adult prom just so i could have an excuse to dress up!

    and yes, your friend is a beautiful bride. i love weddings. i always cry and get all sappy.


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