We heart Beantown.

See us up there? That is Brian and I happy and on the road bright and early Saturday morning. After loading up the car and making a quick stop at Panera, we were off to Boston. And so excited. I popped in my Boston Roadtrip mixes and we sang our hearts out as we made our way up the Hutch.
We made a very necessary iced coffee stop in Connecticut. Did I mention that every Starbucks I have seen in Connecticut is in a house? Love it.
Brian knows how to make me happy on long car rides. There was a Twix waiting for me in the center console and a king size Whatchamacallit calling my name at the next rest stop.

Once we arrived in Boston, we checked in early to our hotel in Copley Square and headed back out to walk around and get lunch. The sun was shining, and tulips brightened the city sidewalks everywhere we turned.
As we made our way down Newbury Street, the storm clouds we had been anticipating quickly rolled in. As the first drops of rain fell, we put some pep in our step and headed to one of our favorite Boston restaurants.
We were not sure of where to eat lunch at first, but once we thought of Abe and Louie's it was a done deal. We first dined there last summer, and thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite of our dinner. We were pretty pumped to treat ourselves to a nice lunch as the rain poured down outside. We savored our filet and had no shame as we ate each and every crumb of our carrot cake.
After lunch we shopped, went back to the hotel, got ready, and headed out for our night on the town. The tulips looked even prettier after the rain stopped.
We walked into the House of Blues as the opening band, Old Good War, was playing. They were awesome. They were so great, we bought one of their CD's for the car ride home. I recommend it!
After Good Old War finished their set, we were eager and excited for Guster to take the stage!
And once they did, they seriously rocked out. It was their final show of their spring tour and they were in their hometown, so they definitely didn't hold back.
Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening...
Ryan as a disco ball. 
After their encore and second time leaving the stage, the band came back on for one more song. We were a little confused when we heard the first few chords of Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even more confused when Brian stepped up to the mic. Brian, the drummer, who does not sing. Can you see the awkwardness in his face? Because it was a little rough.
By the time the rest of the guys from Guster and Good Old War joined him, it was highly entertaining. 

After the show, I had to ask Brian if my ears were bleeding. It was so loud during the concert, especially as the crowd cheered towards the end of the show. We felt like eighty year olds as we walked back towards Newbury for a late dinner, continually asking each other to repeat ourselves due to our ringing ears. But, I would gladly take another night of temporary hearing loss for another Guster concert. Can't wait to see them in Central Park in August!
Sunday morning we strolled along Newbury street and had a late brunch at Charlie's before heading to Fenway Park.
We were so excited once we arrived at the park. No matter how many games we go to, I will always get those excited butterflies every time I see that green paint and those red bricks. Even if you are not a Sox fan, a trip to Fenway is definitely worth it. 
After the game, we walked down Commonwealth Ave and admired the beautiful homes and spring flowers. 
Our Boston weekend would not be complete without a stop at J.P. Licks for ice cream. I devoured my Oreo cake batter as Brian enjoyed a cup of mint Oreo. He hates cake batter ice cream, so I never even have to share. Hee hee hee. 
All in all, a perfect Boston weekend. I feel so lucky to be with Brian and for the amazing weekend he planned!


  1. I love the Red Sox, but I would never not root for the Twins. I can't believe you! :-)

  2. Oh these pictures make me jealous- looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh these pictures make me jealous- looks like so much fun!

  4. Molly, I know, but in my defense I was never a big baseball fan until I started dating Brian :) I have a Twins shirt too for MN home games!

  5. y'all are ridiculously gorgeous. and i'm sort of obsessed with tulip photo with all the dew on it... unreal.

  6. It looks like it was an incredibly fun weekend. That Starbucks you stopped at is literally around the block from my house. I thought it looked familiar and then I read you stopped in CT.

  7. the purple tulips are absolutely stunning! actually, all your pictures are darling.


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