We like balls. Meatballs.

I had been dying to try The Meatball Shop for months, and was so excited as Brian and I made our way to the Lower East Side this afternoon to finally eat there. We were seated within minutes of putting our names down, and went to work checking off our selections from the menu.
Being the picky eater I am (I refuse many vegetables and all seafood), it is rare that I can confidently say that I would eat anything off of a menu. But listen up folks, I would eat pretty much anything off of The Meatball Shop's menu! We decided to split everything in order to try as much as we could, and ended up selecting...
1. A smach sandwich- two beef meatballs smashed in a brioche bun with tomato sauce and Provolone cheese...
2. Two sliders- one chicken meatball with Pesto, one Bolognese meatball (beef, mortadella, carrots, onions, celery, and cream) with spicy meat sauce...
and 3. A side of beets with watercress and rosemary oil (for Brian), a side of freshly-milled polenta, and Abita root beer (which is on tap there, amazing).

The meal was the perfect amount of food for the two of us, and each and every plate/dish was scraped clean. It was delicious! Then came the dessert...
What could be better than getting to pick out your favorite cookies and ice cream for a homemade ice cream sandwich?!
We went with a chocolate chip cookie, a peanut butter cookie, and vanilla ice cream. And then we got a ginger snap on the side for good measure.
Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to walk over to Babycakes afterwards to pick up some desserts for later on. I absolutely love this bakery. It smells amazing, first of all, and everyone who works there is so dang cute. Later on tonight, we will be noshing on a gluten-free Wonder Bun (kind of like a cinnamon roll), a gluten-free vanilla frosted brownie bite, and a spelt flour biscuit with jam and cream. What can I say, we like to eat.
As always, the architecture and old buildings took my breath away as we walked around downtown. The Lower East Side definitely has its own personality, and I am loving it more and more with each day I spend there.
Another great afternoon full of memories with my love.
And most importantly, on this Memorial Day I would like to thank and remember those that have given their lives for our country and those that continue to fight for our freedom today. We owe you so much!
Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Okay that's it, I am heading east next!! Yummm I love love meatballs and those look delicious!!

  2. lovely blog you have here... and lovely date day:) The food looks so good!

  3. You sound just like me!! I am picky. I like veggies, but they need to be prepared a certain way. And I refuse ALL seafood as well. People think I'm crazy but I think it's gross - and it stinks! Ha ha. That place looks delicious! And I love all of those cool buildings in NYC!

  4. This looks like the most amazing place ever!! I love the menu, there is so much choice!


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