Who knew?

Who knew that Instagram and Pinterest were so amazingly, incredibly wonderful? Not me, until this week... After having it downloaded on my phone for months, I finally opened up Instagram and, well, instantly fell in love with it. I like that you can replicate many of the same effects as with Hipstomatic, but the viewfinder is so much easier to look through. It is my new go-to Iphone camera.
And if that wasn't great enough, I also discovered Pinterest this week. This site was made for me. A way to virtually organize all of my future projects, inspirations, and fashion and home dreams? Amazing! For years I have ripped pages out of magazines, saved every issue of Real Simple, and created binders with sleeves stuffed full of images of interior designs. Now, I can do the same thing so much more efficiently right on my computer. Ah, technology. If you would like to follow my boards, you can check me out here. And if you want an invite to start pinning on your own boards, please just email or leave a comment and I will send you an invitation. Happy pinning!


  1. Instagram is my go-to as well, love that you don't have to find all the right settings before you take the picture... cause chances are you'll miss the moment. You just take all what you want, and go back and pick the right filter. Glad you enjoy it as well!

  2. I haven't heard of instagram but will check it out. I love Pinterset though, I will follow you http://pinterest.com/angiet/

  3. I just checked out your pinterest page and I am OBSESSED!!!! Once I get some spare time (ugh, never) I'm going to see if I can figure it out! Thanks for sharing!


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