The Joys of a Simple Saturday

Spending a lazy morning with an oversized cup of coffee, a good book, and Boo.
Buying new music and listening to it as I ran errands and dropped off old clothes at Good Will. This song makes me want to dance around and spin in circles. I love it. (I am guessing the song made the guys on the cover of the album want to run around naked...)
Finding several gardens blooming beautifully among the concrete and bricks of Astoria.
Treating myself to my fabulous $15 mani/pedi at Bamboo Nails and catching up on my magazine reading.
A favorite maxi dress.
Coral reef toenails.
Popping into one of my favorite boutiques and finding a bracelet made from spoons from 1956. I love it.
A high bun, reminding me of my hours of ballet classes growing up.
Frappe, deliciously made like only the Greeks know how to.
Dinner, a movie, and coloring with Emily and Brian. Emily drew Rapunzel and Flynn perfectly.


  1. Sounds like my kind of day! I love your ring... Where did you get it? :) Happy weekend!

  2. I LOVE your ring!!! Where is it from? That bracelet is so pretty, too!

    I am SO jealous that you can get a mani/pedi for $15. That would run me about $50 here. Which is why my digits always look so nasty ;-)

  3. Great pics! I love these posts that show the unfolding of your day. Mine would look really uninteresting. Nobody wants to see laundry and bathrooms being scrubbed ;)

  4. Thanks Jenna! My ring is from Kay Jewelers; Brian gave it to me four Christmases ago and I wear it every day!

    Wendy, don't worry, I have the cleaning weekends too!


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