Night on the Town

Last night, my mom flew into New York for a weekend of sight seeing, eating, and catching up. Brian and I met up with my mom and Chuck around 7 o'clock for a night out in the city. And it was a good night. Here are the highlights: 

This tree just made me happy. Whoever knit it a sweater, I thank you. 
He makes me happy, too. We reminisced about our times in Hell's Kitchen, my old stomping ground, as we walked to dinner on the West Side.
We decided on a casual dinner at Daisy May's BBQ. Oh, Daisy May's, how I have missed you so. Hands down, this is one of my favorite BBQ spots in the city. It is worth the hike to 11th Avenue and 46th Street.
I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich, which I get every time I go there. But, my mom recommends the brisket, Chuck likes the BBQ chicken, and Brian loves the ribs. So, the moral of the story is, if you like BBQ, just go to Daisy May's. 
It will make you happy.
After dinner we hopped in a cab and drove over to Momofuko Milk Bar, a dessert place I had been wanting to try. They have a huge menu of cookies and pies, along with cereal milk. That's right, they actually sell milk flavored with your favorite sugary cereals. I was never one to drink my cereal milk as a kid, but I am always down for some good, unique, ooey gooey cookies.
We tried the blueberry cream cookie, the compost cookie, and the cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie. I think I liked the cornflake one the best, but they were all good. 
We wandered down Fifth Avenue, making our way to Rockefeller Center where we sat and enjoyed our desserts. The architecture on Fifth was beautiful. I am in that area all the time during the day, but it has a completely different feel at night.
I am looking forward to two more days of fun in the city. No amount of rain will stop us! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love me some tree sweater! How cute!

  2. Hi Daina!

    I found your blog through another blog through another blog... You know how that happens.

    I absolutely looovee your pictures and writings! I live in NYC myself, and its so fun to see things you are familiar with through another lens.

    And... You look like Rashida Jones in a lot of your pictures!

    I'll be stopping back by!

  3. what beautiful photos of the city!

    love the tree sweater - that brought a smile to my face too.


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