Au revoir

Before I leave for my vacations, Brian always sets aside the day for a date day. It is a great way to not only enjoy each other's company one last time before I take off, but to also enjoy our city. Before my trip to Brazil a few years ago, Brian surprised me with a helicopter ride high above Manhattan as my farewell to the city before my month away. I still think about that amazing day all the time; it was such a great surprise!
For our date day before my time in Minnesota this week, we decided to stay local in Astoria. After debating over several of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, I picked Five Napkin Burger. I just can't resist their wings, burgers, and shakes. Yum!
After almost six years, there is still no one else I would want across the table from me. I still look forward to each and every date with my man, who can always make me laugh.
I wore my new vintage rose earrings that I found at a little boutique during our day in Portland. I love getting souvenirs like this; every time I wear them I will think of the fun we had together in Maine.
After our late lunch, we spent the evening lounging at home and watching a movie (Inception). It was a great day. I can't wait for more dates once I return to New York City!


  1. Brian sounds like such a great guy!!! And I love your earrings. Oh, and I can't believe you were SO close to me (I'm in WA). Wish we could've hung out! :)

  2. So.. I'll be the one to ask... when are you two getting married? Ok, no pressure, but he's so sweet to you from what I can read in your posts. Very nice!

  3. Ha, one day. And believe me, you guys will know when we do! I am a lucky girl :)


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