Port Washington

Last night my friend Brianne and I jumped on the LIRR and rode the train to Port Washington to visit my old co-teacher, Allison. She picked us up at the train station and we drove around the town for a little while before going back to her house. As we rode, we reminisced about her wedding last summer (which also was in Port Washington) and how wonderful it was. I mentioned how I had been craving the treats from her dessert bar, and sure enough, within two minutes we were at the bakery that made them. Wow was I happy! The homemade Oreos/whoopie pies were delicious.
After a quick tour of the town, we went back to Allison's house before dinner. We caught up over sparkling water in her backyard, enjoying the cooler temperatures after days of unbearable heat.
For dinner, we dined on the water at Louie's. I thoroughly enjoyed my chilled white wine, filet mignon, and sweet potato fries. And the wonderful company, of course!
A get-together with Allison is not complete without dessert. We are both lovers of anything chocolate and were the worst (but also the best!) influences on each other when we worked together. We stopped for Italian ice on Main Street; the peanut butter cookie dough ice was a-mazing.
It was a beautiful night with friends. Oh, how I love these summer nights.


  1. oh my goodness! ralph's peanut butter cookie dough ice is out of this world!!!!!

  2. That sounds so lovely!
    Awesome photos!


  3. This made me so happy. Looked lovely!
    Sending you lots of love from the desert;)

  4. Gorgeous photos. Especially that last one... love SUMMER!

    Looks like a lovely time :)

  5. Port Washington is my hometown! I absolutely loved growing up there, and am so psyched for Allison to be living there! Isnt ralphs delish/addictive? Port is the perfect summertime spot. Your post made me miss it!

  6. I thought that was where you were from Jen! It is such a cute place! We should take a day trip out again once you are back. I will eat Ralph's anytime!


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