To grandmother's house we go.

Last week, we packed into the Pilot and drove up north to visit my Grandma A. After lunch, we headed outside to walk the grounds of her community and enjoy the beautiful weather.
After spending some time outside, we went back to my grandma's apartment to chat. My Uncle Dick gave us an accordion concert and the girls loved dancing around as the music filled the apartment.
Every time I visit my grandma, I love to look through her boxes of old photographs. My grandpa was a rodeo man back in the 1930's and a member of the St. Paul Clown Club throughout his lifetime, so there are many memorable photographs of him. When I am with my brother and sister, we reminisce about our times at my grandma and grandpa's house and all of our wonderful memories we have of them. I also enjoy looking through my grandmother's jewelry boxes, which is also full of memories.
I love getting to spend time with my Grandma A.

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