This is what summer is all about...

Breezy, warm nights.

Ice-cold drinks. 

Long conversations with girlfriends. 

Brightly colored snowballs. 

Wooden clog sandals. 

Maxi dresses. 

Carefree hours spent in favorite neighborhoods. 
I was beyond excited when my friend Sara told me she had two business trips scheduled in New York City this summer. When she is in town, she works during the day and always has nights free to play. It was so wonderful to have her in the city!

Earlier this week, we caught up over margaritas and Mexican food at El Centro in Hells Kitchen. It was so nice to be able to sit outside comfortably, after so many hot nights, and people watch on 9th Avenue.
Subway ride home. 
The day after my night out with Sara, I had another date planned with girlfriends at another favorite Mexican restaurant, Rocking Horse Cafe. After lunch, we decided to check out a pop-up New Orleans inspired snowball shop- Imperial Woodpecker Snowballs (open until the end of August in the Village on 7th Avenue at Charles Street). Snowballs, I learned, are much fluffier than the traditional snow cones and quite delicious.
I tried the peaches n'cream flavored cream ice, while Rachel and Brianne both got the coffee cream ice. The smallest size was more than enough for me and was the perfect snack to slowly enjoy on a hot summer day.
I loved that in addition to the snowballs, the shop offered other favorite New Orleans snacks like Zapp's chips and Community Coffee's New Orleans blend. We had a great afternoon hanging out!


  1. Photos are so lovely!

    Check out My awards for you on my blog :))


  2. Those sno-balls are so cute! What a great little place! Perfect for summer.

  3. I LOVE your dress in the last photo!!!! Where's it from?????

  4. I'm running to get an Imperial Woodpecker Snoball. Right now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh, those snow cones are so clever. Now I want a margarita and snow cone.

    And a cake batter rice krispie treat because I can see that one below!

  6. Cute photos! I love summer and New York! Also, I really want one of those sno-ball things!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/


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