Adventures on Roosevelt Island

There are countless reasons why I am so in love with Brian. He is kind, caring, and thoughtful. He knows me better than anyone. He is a genius in the kitchen and makes my living room feel like a restaurant on a nightly basis. And he always makes me laugh. 

Another reason why I love Brian is when asked, "What should we do on our date day today?" he really thinks about it. And he almost always comes up with something new, exciting, and romantic. Yesterday, he suggested that we explore Roosevelt Island. Neither of us had been, or even taken the tram for that matter, so we were both really excited for our little New York City adventure. 
We caught the tram on 59th and 2nd with a simple swipe of our Metrocards and enjoyed the views as we glided over the city streets and the East River. Oh, how I love that Manhattan skyline.
Once we arrived on the island, we walked over to the Riverwalk and ate lunch at Fuji East, a Japanese restaurant near the tram station. From there we hopped on the red shuttle bus that circles the island. It is only twenty-five cents per ride, and quickly gets you from one end of the island to the other. We got off near the North Point Lighthouse and strolled along the river.
The lighthouse was built in 1872 to help light a nearby insane asylum; um, creepy, right? Luckily, it no longer serves that purpose and is now an interesting landmark with the Upper East Side as its backdrop.
After walking along the northern end of the island, we started to make our way back towards the tram station. Along the way, we discovered local garden plots that residents rent and maintain. We wandered along the rocky paths and admired flower gardens, fresh vegetables, and fountains. I loved looking at all of the roses.
We stopped in an art gallery and admired the countless park spaces throughout the island on our walk back. Next time, we will be on the lookout for The Marriage of real Estate and Money, a piece by Tom Otterness in the East River. 
And, like when we ventured to Boston for the day, I tried to capture the highlights of Roosevelt Island on video with my trusty Iphone 3GS. This video is a little more sight-happy and less people-happy, but it gives you a good idea of what the island was like. Hope you enjoy!

(All video taken on my Iphone using the 8mm camera app. Music by Beirut.)
Here is a list of the sights included in the video: 

  1. Tram station
  2. Manhattan views on our tram ride
  3. Fuji East
  4. Octagon Tower- As the sign says, the Octagon used to be a "lunatic asylum." It is now luxury housing. 
  5. East River at high tide
  6. North Point Lighthouse
  7. RIVAA, a main street gallery
  8. Blackwell House
  9. Tram station on Roosevelt Island


  1. Looks like a fun day and Brian sounds like a keeper :)

  2. Why haven't we ever done this on one of my visits? Looks like fun and great views!

  3. That sounds like such an amazing time! xo

  4. Neat-O!!! I may have to put this on my bucket list for my next trip!

  5. Looks like an awesome date day! I love the lighthouse - even if it was built for a slightly creepy purpose. :O

  6. What beautiful views of the city and a fun excursion. New York in the late summer and early fall is just incredible. Thanks for allowing me to feel like I'm there!

    PS. Your blog header is amazing!


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