Celebrating 82 beautiful years.

Last Saturday, my family came together from near and far to celebrate an amazing, kind, and caring woman- my Grandma A. We celebrated her smile, her warmth, and her sense of humor, all of which have been perfected over the past 82 years. It was a day full of love.
She looked beautiful and festive in her sweater set and feather boa, and truly was the Birthday Queen.

We enjoyed polka music from my uncle's accordion, and I couldn't help but think about the many polkas I saw my grandma and grandpa dance together throughout their years of marriage. When I saw my grandma's feet moving to the beat from her wheelchair, I scooted over to her and danced chair-style for the rest of the songs. We moved our arms to the music and laughed, enjoying her favorite tunes.
It warmed my heart to see my Grandma so happy.
And we were all happy to be together too, catching up and reminiscing about all of our times together as a family. Laughter was heard throughout the afternoon from all sides of the room.
My dad, uncle, and brother goofing around. 
My Grandma was so excited for lunch from KFC and a Dairy Queen birthday cake, and proudly posed next to her ice cream cake before the candles were lit. It took her several tries (and a little extra help) to blow them out, but when she did everyone cheered.

My dad played songs on the piano as we enjoyed our cake. Presents were opened and applauded as my Grandma held them up for us all to see.
For the first time, almost all of my Grandma's family was together in one place (we missed my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces!). I met family I had only known through pictures and stories, and caught up with family I had not seen in years. It was a truly special day that I think we will all remember for a long time.
It was a day of celebration and love. It was a beautiful day in honor of a beautiful woman.


  1. She certainly is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your grandma!!

  2. She is darling! Happy Birthday to her. That is great your dad plays the piano.

  3. Happy 82nd Birthday to your lovely Grandma! I just celebrated my 28th Birthday :)

  4. 82! Look at that young lass! She looks great! How exciting, and happy birthday to your grandma!

  5. How sweet of you guys! I bet it just made her day to have all of you there to celebrate with her. She looks so happy :)

  6. LOVE this so much. What a lucky lady to have such amazing people in her life!

  7. This is so important. What a rich heritage, to have seen the polkas and to now see her tapping her feet to the familiar beat. I love it that you appreciate that tiny detail. On a funny note: my kids were looking over my shoulder while I cruised my Instagram feed the other day and kept asking "Who is the lady in the red feathers?" hahaha! They would NOT leave it alone! They kept wanting to check out her crown. So cute! xo

  8. Looks like a great party - I love her birthday crown. :)


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