Twelve dates of Christmas: On our seventh date of Christmas...

...we spent the afternoon in the Lower East Side. 

Originally, we planned on having lunch at Katz's Deli and then stopping at one of our favorite bakeries for dessert. But, we had a few unexpected bumps along the way that ended up making our afternoon so much better. 

First, we accidentally took the D train all the way to Brooklyn, instead of getting off at Grand like we were supposed to.  We were distracted by our good conversation on the ride downtown, and by the time we realized where we were the doors were already closing at the last Manhattan stop. So, we took a little trip to Brooklyn. Luckily, we got some churros out of the deal before turning around and heading back to Manhattan. Yum. 
Then, once we finally arrived at Katz's Deli the line of people waiting to sit down wrapped around the block. There were so. many. people. So, we quickly abandoned our lunch plans and began searching for a new location. What we found couldn't have been more perfect. We stumbled upon kupersmith on Clinton Street, and once I read links and drinks on the front window, I knew I would like it. But, what really sealed the deal was that their selection of board games was listed on the menu. Date perfection I tell you. 
We settled into our table in a window nook, ordered hot coffee and tea, and played Yahtzee while we waited for our food. I loved everything about my meal, Toad in the Hole, which consisted of two pork sausages, yorkshire pudding, and gravy. Brian's also enjoyed his fish and chips. 
After lunch, we walked over to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes. We devoured our pistachio and chocolate peppermint cupcakes in a matter of minutes before heading home. 
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon. 


  1. Little detours never hurt anyone, those churros look so good!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I die! That looks like the PERFECT restaurant! I don't even know why I'm so astounded by it because it's not like there's never been a restaurant to offer board games before, I don't know! LoL it just seems like a place I would love to be at! I'm so happy that you found it. I don't know much about Katz's deli is there something special about it?


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