Twelve dates of Christmas: On our eleventh and twelfth dates of Christmas...

... we celebrated our sixth anniversary. 

First, we exchanged gifts at my apartment. Brian went above and beyond this year and gave me several photography-inspired gifts. Each one was incredibly thoughtful. I can't wait to try my new fish eye lens and display my new (yet very old) antique camera in my growing collection. I will also always cherish the album he made with pictures from the past several years. It was so nice to be able to look at them together, laugh, and remember all of the amazing things we have experienced as a couple. 
After we opened presents, we bundled up and headed out on our final date of the holiday season. In honor of our sixth anniversary, we recreated our very first date. I still remember that night like it was yesterday- standing at the Rockefeller rink talking, strolling up 5th Avenue, and kissing in Central Park.  There is nothing I would rather do than recreate those memories with Brian year after year. Last night was just as memorable as our first walk...

We admired The Plaza and the amazing holiday windows at Bergdorf's...
We stopped and looked at the same snowflake we discussed back on our walk in 2005...
... and enjoyed the holiday decor that was splashed up and down 5th Avenue.
Our walk concluded in Rockefeller Center, where our first date began. The tree and its 30,000 lights were absolutely breathtaking.
I am so grateful to be in love with such an amazing man, and look forward to countless more dates in the years to come. It just keeps getting better and better.


  1. Wow. I live in NJ very close to the city, and I regret not going out to see the sights. The trees look beautiful with all those lights. Great pics. Happy holidays.

  2. God bless and the photos make me home sick. I'm a B'klyn native. Happy New Years early <3


  3. Thanks for showing pictures of the windows... I am sad to say I missed it the last two years since we have a young child. We normally go see Saks 5th ave and Macys windows :) Great shots of the tree & the city!


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