Twelve dates of Christmas: On our third date of Christmas...

... we spent the day with Emily, and it was jam-packed with holiday fun! 

After lunch at Rizzo's Pizza, we walked to a tree stand near Brian's to pick out a tree for his apartment. As always, Brian did most of the work while Emily and I played. 
Once we got home, we colored while we watched Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. I hadn't seen either movie in years, and especially loved watching Rudolph. 
Then, the three of us worked together to make our annual gingerbread house. Brian cut the slit a little too big on the icing bag and went a little too heavy on his side of the roof, which caused us to run out of icing before we could even start the sides of the house and the sidewalk. We had to laugh. Our house was a hot mess. But we had fun making it all the same. 
Next, we worked together to decorate the tree. Emily and Brian are quite the decorating team! 
We concluded the evening with breakfast for dinner (whole wheat pancakes, bacon, and an Italian omelette) and Home Alone. We had a wonderful day full of Christmas cheer! 


  1. I also hadn't seen Rudolph, since I was a kid, until recently. I didn't know it was so funny/ridiculous.

  2. Looks like fun! The gingerbread house story is hilarious.

    new follower :)


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