A beautiful day.

Today was a beautiful day. After years of celebrating Easter in Florida, Brian and I found ourselves staying put in New York City this year. Although we missed enjoying the holiday with family, I think our relaxing day here was exactly what we needed. It was perfection.

Before cooking Easter dinner, we headed to Central Park to wander the Conservatory Gardens. I am embarrassed to say that after nine years of living here, I had never ventured to this part of the park before. After visiting, I am not sure how I stayed away for so long. The scenery in the gardens was absolutely breathtaking from the second we walked through the giant iron gate on 5th Avenue at 104th Street. We admired the crabapple trees lining the Italianate Center Garden, and then made our way to the French-style garden which was full of blooming tulips. We concluded our visit in the English-style garden, where shrubs were lined with a variety of daffodils, tulips, and other spring blooms in a variety of colors and sizes. New life was everywhere we turned, the sun was shining, and the air smelled of fresh lilac as we strolled from garden to garden hand in hand.
Spring in New York City is beautiful. And it is even more beautiful when you can enjoy it with the one you love. I feel so lucky. 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter!


  1. The park is so beautiful with all the flowers in bloom, a perfect way to spend Easter in my book :)


  2. gorgeous! I walked by here last Friday, snapped a few pictures- yours put mine to shame! Can you even believe how perfect the weather was yesterday?

  3. It's so pretty! Great pictures.

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! Spring flowers are my absolute favorite. The colors are always so beautiful after the white of winter.

  5. i am such a fan of the conservatory garden and glad to know you love it to!

    plus, you look amazing--i love this outfit!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel like spring is really here.

  7. I did a post today on spring things, I love YOUR PICS in this post of all the beauties!!!


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