So long, spring break. You were wonderful.

Spring break is such a magical time. For a little over a week alarms are abandoned, plans are made, and getaways are taken. After months of early mornings and late nights, it is a much needed vacation. This year I spent the majority of my break in the city. I caught up on appointments, treated myself to lunches out, wandered neighborhoods with my camera in hand, and caught up with friends in our favorite parks. The weather was perfect and as always, New York City did not disappoint. 

By Sunday morning, Brianne and I were in denial that in less than 24 hours we would be back in our classrooms writing morning messages and greeting our second graders. We decided to spend our final day of vacation bliss at Coney Island. We were giddy as we spotted the amusement parks from the windows of the Q train as we pulled into the final stop in Brooklyn. We had arrived. 
After devouring hot dogs and hamburgers from Nathan's, we headed to the main attraction: the Cyclone. Neither one of us had rode the coaster before, and did not have the highest of expectations (thrill wise) as we purchased our tickets and made our way to the front of the line. We laughed as we crammed into our tiny cushioned car that felt like a couch, and enjoyed the views of the parks as we slowly climbed the first hill. And then we flew. Oh my god we flew. Each hill made my stomach flip. The Cyclone delivers my friends.
After the Cyclone we walked down the boardwalk and pier enjoying the views of the shore. I have concluded that Coney Island is an excellent place to people watch. We snacked on a powdered-sugar covered funnel cake near the beach before heading back to the parks for more rides.
We ended our Coney Island adventure on the Wonder Wheel. We opted for a swinging car and loved sliding back and forth as the wheel slowly turned. The swinging cars don't look like much from below, but once you are in them they are quite fun!
Coney Island was the perfect place to end our spring break in the city.


  1. Looks like so much fun - so glad you got to take full advantage of your Spring break :)


  2. That amusement park looks like the perfect place to end your spring break! I know what you mean about school holidays always feeling like they're too short!

  3. Fun!! This post totally reminded me of the movie Uptown girls. Spring break was such a tease come on summer and get here already. I have a second grader and we are so looking forward to days without agendas.

  4. Oh I miss my spring break too! It seems like you had a very good time during yours! Love getting to "know" the different places on the East Coast through your blog!

  5. Looks like a great day! Love your green nail polish!

  6. I love the ferris wheel pictures! And the cyclone! Not many coasters like that left around!I have always wanted to go to Coney Island but never have. I could have sworn it was closing down?? Maybe not? Maybe I am thinking of somewhere else. I want to go and eat a famous nathans hotdog there too!

  7. Lucky you are! Here it's our "spring break" too but it's raining all the time! Because of you, I think i will take a month for our "next year trip" in New-York... You show us too much places to visit!


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