Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing mom. A mom who made me all that I am today. A mom who taught me to challenge myself and shoot for the moon. A mom who supports me in all that I do and is always there to listen and offer her advice.
A mom who gets just as excited as I do about baked goods. A mom who is positive and never complains about all that she takes on.
A mom who has style (yes, we actually both showed up wearing identical outfits during one of her trips to New York... and were twins all day long). A mom who has grace.
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom.

Wishing all of the mothers in my life a wonderful day celebrating all that you do!


  1. That is the best Mom's Day post I've read yet! What a lovely thing that you are so close with your mom. Have a great day!

  2. Is that picture of you and your mom at that Candy store in Jordan?!? Jim's Apple Farm I think...the big yellow store?

  3. Hi there, i just found your blog and in good timing too since my husband, daughter and I will be visiting NYC in a few weeks! I cannot wait!

  4. What a sweet post- and you guys actually do look like sisters,, not mother/daughter! ha! I can only hope my daughter and I will be that close when she is an adult! :)


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