Little Things.

A lot of my little things were captured on Instagram this week, which is fitting since Instagram has made my list before as something that brings joy to my life. Here are some little things that made me smile this week... 

My mom's baking. I think there is something in Minnesota water that brings out the baker in everyone. My grandma and mom have always baked, and I definitely inherited the baking gene from them. Baking relaxes me, comforts me, and always reminds me of my family. So, it was only fitting that when I was home in Minnesota last weekend my mom baked two batches of cookies. I snacked on snickerdoodles for breakfast each morning and took a container of ginger milk chocolate chip cookies home with me on the plane. Oh, how I love my mom's cookies. 
An heirloom. When I was home, I asked my mom if she had any old gold jewelry that I could take back with me to New York. I couldn't believe my eyes when she pulled this out of one of her jewelry boxes. It was exactly what I had been searching for. I know that I will cherish this locket forever. I love it!
Flying at sunset. Flying at sunset is so beautiful. I love watching the sky transition from pale pink, yellow, and blue to cobalt and fiery red. I kicked myself when I looked out the window on my flight at the setting sun and then realized that my camera was tucked away in one of the overhead bins, far out of reach. At least I had my phone...
Moccasins. My beaded moccasins are an old favorite, and I get excited when I start to wear them again every fall. I have had this pair for five years, and I don't see myself giving them up anytime soon. This is the next pair on my wish list... Back Zip Boot.
A thoughtful lunch. Brian came over on Tuesday night and made a delicious dinner of pork, apples, collard greens, and baked sweet potato fries. Yum. I fell sound asleep on the couch after dinner and stumbled into bed a few hours later in a complete daze. I was so grateful when I woke up the next morning for work and found a spotless kitchen and a lunch cut, packed, and labeled. I am a lucky girl.
Free gifts. It's Clinique free gift time. Need I say more?
A friendly hello. This little guy greeted me as I left the Dekalb subway station one morning. He made me smile.
New Bean boots. Brian bought me these boots as a souvenir from our date day in Maine back in July, and I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for cooler temperatures for months so I could wear them. I would take them out every few weeks and try them on, just to remind myself how much I liked them. And, when the high temperature was only in the sixties on Thursday, I officially broke them in at work. I heart Bean boots. 
A handmade treasure. My grandma lives in an assisted senior apartment community in northern Minnesota. When I was there last weekend for her birthday party, I decided to pop into the gift shop in the lobby of her building to look around. Tucked away on a shelf, I found a pile of scarves and hats all knit by A. Burt, one of the residents in the community. I have way too many scarves, but I just couldn't resist. And it was only $9! 
A morning view. This is the view I see every morning and evening going over the bridge on the subway. And after four years of the same commute, it still takes my breathe away all the time. This week, I went over the bridge right at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. What can I say, I heart NY. 
A note. I found this in one of my kid's folders and it made my day. Second graders are so dang cute. 
I hope everyone is having a beautiful week! 


  1. OK first, I think I come by your blog just to stare at the food pictures. #2) I <3 Clinique. and #3) I love that EVERY retirement home has a gift shop. It always reminds me of Disneyland... or a museum.

  2. What a cute week! I love that you were able to bring home something so meaningful. We are getting ready to fly this week and we will be flying from afternoon into night, hopefully we get an awesome sunset too! I'll try to capture it on film as well as you did!

  3. my family is from Minnesota too! My parents live in Andover. That note at the end is beyond adorable.

  4. Aw it looks like you had such a wonderful week! I loved everything, baking, flying, little notes, new shoes, and hello kitty notes!

    Found you via Lindsay and I'm a new follower! Yay!

  5. yes! clinique bonus time! i need a new make-up bag. i must go this weekend! and i'm in a moccasin phase too! and my husband begs me for homemade snickerdoodles ALL the time. i feel like all your little things were my life...except the new york skyline part... i wish! :)

  6. I love this post! Makes me want to stop whatever I might be ready to complain about and just enjoy the things around me. Thanks :-)

  7. LOVE the clinique bag. I have to say, the bag is usually the reason I go for the free gifts. And that view of NYC takes my breath away too, you are so lucky to have that too look forward to each day. My husband and I actually talk once in awhile about retiring to New Jersey. So we can be close to NYC, but live outside of it. :-) Because even if people don't think so--it really is a pretty state, once you get outside of Newark. Granted, we have oh, about 30 (or more) years until retirement...but hey, a girl can still dream of those days, right?

  8. What a great week :) I love it when my man thoughtfully makes my lunch-- he did it twice this week. I always love the glimpse of the city I'd get riding the T from Cambridge to Boston...I really do miss that commute.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I love your little list :)

    And I can't believe that is your view on your commute everyday. How amazing. Definitely jealous... :)

  10. Aw, MN is just the best isn't it? Maybe that's why I enjoy baking so much too? It looks like you had a fabulous week!

  11. I LOVE your week! The necklace from your mom is so pretty. I think I will ask my mom if she has anything. I also love to bake and I love Clinique. I used to work there in college and I miss all the free makeup I used to get.

  12. I'm an heirloomy kind of girl too. The story, the heritage, the legacy... sweet.

  13. Snickerdoodles are so yummy! I love baking those with my family. =)

    That locket is so beautiful! I love pieces that are specially treasured.

    I have a pair of beaded moccasins that I cherish (especially come autumn) too!

    I’m so glad I came over here from the link-up party. =)
    I really enjoyed your post.

  14. Visiting thru Aisle to aloha little things link up! I think I will just stay hahaha! You a beautiful!! I have always wanted to go to New York, you make me want to even more now! Oh yeah can I have some of those snickerdoodles!! mmmm

  15. Ok, totally love everything on this list, Daina! I'm obsessed with snickerdoodles and those ginger cookies look delish too!

    Also, that locket is gorgeous. What a cool keepsake!

    Thanks for linking up, girl! Hope to see you on Friday!


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