A glimpse into my Africa playlist...

Before I left for Africa, I thought long and hard about my playlists. I knew that I had several long flights and bus rides ahead of me and that my music would be essential while traveling. I scanned thousands upon thousands of songs in my iTunes library, searching for my favorite tracks that I could listen to again and again.

Little did I know that I would listen to my iPod so much during my travels that I would develop blisters in my ears from my ear buds. I popped in my headphones every night before bed while I recorded my thoughts and memories from the day in my travel journal. I listened to slower tracks when I woke up in the middle of the night and needed a distraction to fall back asleep. And music streamed through my headphones during my 40 hours of bus rides through Malawi and Zambia. These songs will forever remind me of my travels throughout Africa- the dusty roads, the small roadside villages, the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and the smell of smoke in the air.

Here is a small sampling from my Africa playlist. Enjoy!


  1. Enjoyed this! Listened while I ate my breakfast. :) Glad you enjoyed your trip to Africa! What an amazing opportunity! :)

  2. I've been listening to the Lumineers lately. I love that hey ho song! I can't wait to see them at ACL this year.

  3. Love the playlist, and I mean every song!

  4. Love that Brooke Fraser got onto your list! :)


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