Life according to Instagram, Week 27. Back in NYC!

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. I met up with Brianne, Mansi, and Lindsey this week for a girls' day out. We started with Magic Mike... 
2. And enjoyed Soft Serve Fruit afterwards. Such a yummy frozen treat! 
3. & 4. Happy birthday Andy Warhol! 
5. I was in desperate need of a manicure/pedicure after my trip. It was so good to see Jolin! 
6. Happy hands and feet. 
7. When I stepped off the train on Tuesday afternoon someone was handing out free empanada samples... well, okay. 
8. Back at Ralph's! Brianne and I caught up over our favorite frozen treat. 
9. Shake Shack dinner in Madison Square Park. 
10. So great to meet Leanne and see Kate
11. Shopping on 5th. 
12. Astoria sunset. 
13. Dinner at Andrew and Kara's is always a treat! Kale stuffed onions and Spanish-style quinoa
14. Brooklyn sunset. 
15. This chick was so cool- Cambridge satchel and wooden clogs. I felt it necessary to take her picture. 
16. After dinner in Brooklyn, I was not quite ready to go home. So, I hopped off the train and strolled through midtown. 
17. Korea Town. 
18. Dessert. 
19. Empire state of mind. 
20. Times Square. 
21. 5 Pointz from the 7 train. 
22. I love, love, love getting my hair cut! 
22. & 23. After my hair cut, I decided to go on a mini-bakery tour through the West Village. Stop #1- Milk and Cookies. I loved the salted oat cookie. 
24. Stop #2- Doughboy Bakeshop. The cheddar chipotle chive biscuit hit the spot. Plus, they had Mud Coffee. Yum. 
25. Summer. 
26. & 27. My final stop in the West Village was Sockerbit. I am a sucker for those little heart gummies. 
28. Rainy Friday
29-31. Lindsey and I battled the rain for Gray's Papaya and 16 Handles frozen yogurt, following by Sex and the City trivia and episodes.
32. & 33. Out celebrating Andrew and Kim's move to Astoria. So happy to have Lindsey's brother and future sister-in-law right down the street from me!

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  1. i feel like i say the same thing every time but i just love, love, love the nyc instagram posts. it truly brings me back to my brief trip there a few years ago, and always makes me want to go back! thanks for continuing to do these every week!

  2. can i please come live in ny ad have fun city adventures like you posted here? um.. awesome food photos and just general living in ny i wish i had this experience


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