London Calling... via Instagram

Here are a few more shots from my tour through London, via Instagram...
1. Westminster Abbey
2. London taxis are so cute.
3. Blue skies, beautiful buildings.
4. I loved the quaint corner bars throughout London. They couldn't have looked more charming.
5. After our dinner out, Joanna helped me stock up on London's best chocolates.
6. Our choices: Flake, Cadbury caramel, Aero Bubbles, and Cadbury buttons. The buttons were my favorite.
7. My travel motto; my life motto.
8. All smiles in London!
9. & 10. London charm.
11. We made a couple stops at Pret, which originated in London. It is one of my favorite casual lunch spots in New York, and it was just as delicious across the pond!
12. National Portrait Gallery.

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  1. great photos!


  2. Love this town! First "big trip" for the kids (1 hour by plane from home...), we went where they wanted (my daughter read books about London before)... I just had Westminster Abbey, so much to see inside! Love your pictures! Next big trip for the kids NYC... Just starting watching what to visit with them!
    Hope the next time you will come in Europe you will spent more time!!! Love to see your pictures of places i know!
    I follow you on instagram under @rafadel


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