Life according to Instagram, Week 28.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Jackson Heights 
2. Indian dinner date at Indian Taj; my beer was as big as my head. 
3. & 4. What the hell happened to these sweet potatoes? At a market in Elmhurst. 
5. Chicken paws, anyone? 
6. After dinner, Brian and I strolled through Elmhurst in search of my favorite almond cookies. 
7. Early morning baking! 
8. Emily and I made pancake cupcakes. Emily snuck a few chocolate chips into hers. 
9. Good morning! 
10. Rainy downtown Manhattan. 
12. & 13. Wednesday night we made homemade pizzas. Emily made one with extra cheese, while Brian and I topped ours with farm fresh tomatoes, zucchini, arugula, and parmesan. 
14. & 15. Early morning baking, take two! Our chocolate chip sour cream muffins were delicious. 
16-19. Brian, Emily, and I had a great time at Brighton Beach on Thursday. Brian and Emily worked hard all afternoon digging a hole in the sand, which we all took turns sitting in before heading home. 
20. Girls' day! Manicures and pedicures at Stone Spa. 
21. Summer clouds. 
22. & 23. Subway rides up to the Bronx. 
24-27. Friday night I met up with my friend Angela at Yankee Stadium. We caught up over hot dogs and beer as I rooted for the Red Sox in a sea of Yankees fans. Even though the Sox lost, it was still a fun night! 
28. Movie date with Brian and Emily- The Odd Life of Timothy Green was so cute! 
29. I made Pad Thai! I used this recipe I found on Pinterest. 

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  1. aw! These pictures make me happy. It's so great that you have such a good relationship with Emily. I can tell you have a very fun and blessed life.


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