SoHo Streets

When I moved to New York City in 2003 to attend NYU, SoHo was the first neighborhood I explored. I loved walking down Broadway after class, popping into new stores, and trying new cafes and restaurants. Nine years later, I can still spend hours wandering the neighborhood just like I did back then. There is always a new cobblestone street, coffee shop, or dessert place waiting to be discovered.


  1. Love all the hats in the third picture! Looks like so much fun :) My mom and I are going for a first visit to NY in September - you have to give me a little list of all the must sees and eats :)


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  3. love SoHo! beautiful photos, Dana.

  4. Argh! Scarves and hats! I guarantee than if I had been in that shop I would have left with several items! :O


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