Do what you like. Like what you do. Life is good.

Last weekend, Brian and I returned to the Prowse Farm in Canton, Massachusetts for our third Life is Good Festival. The weekend is always full of optimism, laughter, joy, and amazing music. It is our happy place.

100% of the funds raised at the Life is Good Festival go towards the Life is Good Playmakers. The Life is Good Playmakers, formerly known as Project Joy, is a Boston-based non-proft organization that strives to provide children with joyful play experiences to help them overcome life-threatening challenges, including illness, violence, and poverty. For the past three years, Brian and I have fundraised for the Life is Good Playmakers. Thank you to everyone who donated this year to our efforts; together we raised over $1,000 for children in need! This organization is near and dear to my heart, and I am so grateful that with your support Brian and I are able to contribute year after year to their amazing efforts.

Just thinking of our weekend makes me smile. We listened to countless hours of amazing music, met new friends in the VGP area, and talked to the artists as they wandered through our section. And most importantly, we were constantly reminded of how good life really is.
In anticipation of the festival every year, I scan the line-ups repeatedly and familiarize myself with any unfamiliar artists. This year's line-up was the perfect mix of old favorites, like Eric Hutchingson and Sara Bareilles, and amazing new bands, like The Infamous Stringdusters and Air Traffic Controller. Brian and I caught every single show and loved everything we heard. I even got to dance on stage with Michael Franti! 

Katie Herzig
Allen Stone
Ryan Montbleau Band
Sara Bareilles
Orange Television
Air Traffic Controller
Sarah Jarosz
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
The weekend concluded with a two and a half hour performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, which will go down as one of my top concert experiences. It was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend. 

Do what you like. Like what you do. Like is (so) good. 

Check out our other festival experiences here: 


  1. This looks like SUCH an amazing weekend. And to top it off with 2 1/2 hours of Dave & Tim... unreal. They are one of the most amazing duos I have ever ever seen live!

    Is the Life is Good festival every single year?? I might have to plan a trip up next time - it looks so great!!

  2. I remember reading your re-cap of the lift is good festival last year... can't believe that it's already that time again! This is such an amazing tradition that you and Brian have... congrats on raising so much moolah for a good cause :)


  3. I'm your newest follower! Enjoyed all the beautiful pictures!!

  4. Wow what a cool time -
    We have Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds "Live" CD - its really good.

  5. That look amazing! I love the big OPTIMISM mosaic. :)


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