Life according to Instagram, Week 39.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... 
1. Boo was mesmerized by the windy conditions before Sandy arrived. She watched the trees dance all morning on Monday. 
2. My mom and I did okay on the chip preparations. 
3. Brian went on one final grocery store run before we hunkered down on Monday afternoon; my requests were beer and Peanut M&Ms. 
4. When in doubt, bake. We enjoyed homemade apple bread during the storm. 
5. My pre-hurricane party included Super Nintendo. 
6. My mom, Boo, and Brian were my hurricane companions. My mom was supposed to fly out Monday morning after her weekend visit, and was stranded for a few days during the storm. She made it out Wednesday afternoon on the first flight that left JFK post-Sandy. 
7. Schools were closed all week. I miss my second graders and co-workers so much. 
8. Hurricane Sandy brought out the worst eater in me... and judging by my friends' Instagram feeds it looks like I am not alone. 
9. One of the perks of working from home... 
10. & 11. Some of the damage around Astoria. Luckily, no one in the neighborhood lost power, heat, or water. 
12. Coming back to life. 
13. 80% of the subways were back up and running Saturday morning. New York City amazes me more and more every day. It felt so good to be back on the train. 
14. NYC energy. 
15. & 16. 86th Street station, flood-free. So amazed and grateful. 

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If you have not donated to the hurricane relief efforts, please consider making a contribution. The East Coast was devastated by the storm and we need your help now more than ever. Check out this video; 100% of the profits from this photograph will be donated to the Red Cross. Every single dollar helps. I will be volunteering tomorrow with a clean-up crew on Staten Island. If you are in the NYC area, make sure to keep checking social media sites for places to volunteer your time. There are new opportunities every day. 


  1. basically you rock because you have the old school nintendo system, love those old school games! i definitely would say you have a good supply of chips and apple bread sounds amazing. wow all that destruction so devastating!

  2. Looks like you at least had some fun while the storm was coming through. I used to get off the 86th street stop to go to work. I have spent waaaaaaay too much time there. :)

  3. That is an impressive stash of chips! I think Boo looks suitably impressed. :P


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