Life according to Instagram, Week 40.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... 
1. A lot of people got hurt in Hurricane Sandy. Some did because of water, some trees, but I know I'm safe. -written by one of my students during our free writing time

We talked a lot about Hurricane Sandy in my second grade class on Monday morning after our week away. I shared my stories from Staten Island, the children talked about their experiences, and many continued to process it all during Writer's Workshop. 
2. Our school started collecting Change for Change to donate to the Red Cross last week. This coming Friday, we will also have a school-wide service day. Each class will be preparing and packaging food to donate, as well as making cards to go in the packages. We will also be gathering supplies for a school that was affected in the Rockaways. They have been relocated to a school in East New York and have nothing left. So many wish lists have been created online for schools just like the one we are gathering supplies for; if you have not donated yet to the relief efforts please check out these shopping wish lists online! I provided a few links in my post here
3. & 4. As if the hurricane wasn't enough, we suffered through a Nor'easter on Wednesday. Several inches of heavy, sticky snow fell throughout the evening. It was hard to have any excitement over the first snowfall of the season when so many are still without power throughout New York and New Jersey. 
5. Slopping, slushy snow = lots of soaking wet feet after recess in second grade! 
6. Brooklyn evening sky. 
7. Mansi and I matched in polka dots on Friday! 
8. Pizza date nights in with Brian are some of my favorite nights. 
9. Meow. 
10. Boo was such a trooper on Saturday night playing with Emily. She even let me dress her up in her old Halloween and Christmas costumes! Yes, I am that crazy cat lady... 

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  1. Argh I love that ring! So cute!
    Also, very cool that your school is fundraising. :)


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