Life according to Instagram, Week 46.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. A thoughtful gift from a friend at work. 
2. One of the dangers of working in a school so close to Juniors... boxes of cheesecake given to the staff by families. 
3. My second graders gave their fifth grade buddies a tour of our park study culmination this week. 
4. I look forward to this family's baked goods gift all year. I love these cookies! 
5. A festive Washington Square Hotel. 
6. Where my New York story began... 
7. Washington Square Park. 
8. Empty chess tables in the park.
9. NYC skyline on a city truck.
10. Black, white, and red all over.
11. Twinsies!
12. A sweet hand-sewn and embroidered pillow from one of my students.
13. My school's office is insane around the holidays... I have no will power.
14. Our annual CRCS holiday party at Hot Bird.
15. I love teaching Emily how to use my camera.
16. I guess Em has noticed the notes Brian and I leave around the apartment for each other... Apparently I left a new one for Brian on Saturday.
17. One of the best perks of the recently redone Delta terminal- Balthazar pastries and Sigmund's pretzels. Yum!
18. Goodbye New York City...
19. ...and hello Minnesota! So happy to be home for the holidays.
20. True to form, we were at the Mall of America within hours of my arrival in Minnesota.
21. I love my mom's recipe book. Spills from years of love, family recipes, and evidence from that year I decided to change the spelling of my name.

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