Twelve dates of Christmas: On our fifth date of Christmas...

... we picked out our Christmas Tree. 
I love, love, love Christmas trees. Picking ours out every year makes me so happy. 
Isn't she a beauty?! It was love at first sight. After examining several trees, we decided on the first one we saw.

Unfortunately, the closest place to get a tree is five avenues away from my apartment. Year after year, Brian is my holiday hero. He carries our tree all the way home and up to my fourth-floor walk-up apartment without a complaint (well... maybe just one complaint). He is the best Christmas tree date ever. 
Carrying a tree is tiring! 
I could barely contain my excitement once our tree was unwrapped and in its stand. It is always so difficult to wait a day for the branches to fall before we decorate! 

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  1. Awww 34th Avenue... that's where my family lives. :)


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